Good Morning All : )

I’m Ashley and this is my blog! This is my first time blogging, and I’m still unsure how it is going to go. It will be a bumpy ride at first. Please bear with me while I get the hang of it. That also explains the pretty generic design to the blog. Once I get rolling, I will definitely be spicing that up. I will also be posting pictures, hopefully in the not too distant future.

First off, I would like to explain why I am starting this blog and what you will find here. The name of my blog was almost Will Run for Ice Cream. I think that statement gives a pretty good over view of me. But really, Over the last couple months I have really been into reading healthy living/food blogs. My favorites are the very popular Daily Garnish and Kath Eats Real Food. There are several more I like to check daily, which I will post links to in a blogroll. They have been around for years, but I got on the bandwagon a little late.  These blogs are the inspiration for my own. Like these blogs, I would like to share my journey on maintaining a healthy life by discussing things like food and fitness. For me though, this is something I have just been discovering over the last year. There will be more about my fitness journey in the about me section, soon to come. Something unique to me is discussing how I am striving to maintain an active life while living with arthritis and sciatica. I think that continuing on the path for a clean lifestyle will help me feel good in all areas of my life. I am going to strive to make it apart of who I am and how I live. I got the name for this blog because my boyfriend is always telling me I have attitude. I do not think the word attitude should have a negative connotation. My attitude is what drives me, so I’m now taking a healthy attitude towards life to find the best possible me.

A large part of health is science, and science happens to be a play a major role in my life. My degree is in biology and chemistry. I want my new blogging hobby to also be a place to share my passion for science. I plan to do this by researching and sharing what makes healthy choices healthy.

In addition to health and wellness. I am hoping this blog will be sort of a therapeutic place for me to figure out what I want to do with my life, and who I want to be. I am in my early/mid twenties(scary), and this is the time where I need to figure everything out. I’ve been having something of a quarter life crisis. I tend to panic thinking I am a late bloomer in figuring out what I want to do, but I have been finding that there are more and more twenty somethings out there in my position.  I am hoping this blog will be my journey to discovering me. This my attempt to grow and challenge myself, as well as hopefully finding readers going through the same thing. You will read about my day to day journey in trying to balance everything in my life like, deciding on and preparing for graduate school, while working full time as a researcher. In addition to my new passion for being physically active and transitioning into a clean diet. This blog will be my way of sharing what I find works, and what does not, as well as a way to keep me on track. Even if no one is reading, the blog will know I have not been doing what I set out to do.

Well, there is it. It is sort of a brief and general introduction, but I had to start somewhere. Otherwise, this would end up just like everything else – I don’t know where to start so I just keep putting it off. More details about specific topics will follow. I do not want to be too long winded on my first post. I’m looking forward to writing everyday and seeing where this blog takes me!