Good morning,

This morning has been all about making things simple. I had a last minute change of plans with my workout schedule for this week. Last night, I promised a routine from M&F Hers, but that will come next week. It starts on Monday. I have been suffering some knee pain and taking it easy the last 2 weeks, as a result I have decided to use this week to get back to my normal workouts before stepping it up a notch. The first simple choice, a steady, slow run down on the treadmills in the basement. But I did kick it up at the end. The break down:

22 Minute Easy Treadmill:

-2 min walking warm up

-15 min at 6.0 mph (10 min mile)

-HIIT for the last 5 minutes – alternating 30 seconds on at 7.3 mph and 30 seconds off at 5.8 mph

What better to get you motivated to work out then cute clothes. I choose a fun combination of color this morning.

I opted out of my usual breakfast of whole grains this morning and went for protein. I wanted eggs without the mess. Enter The Egg Puff. This is how easy it is: Gave one quick canola oil spray to a bowl, then I add one whole egg and 1 egg white, covered it with a napkin, and placed it in microwave for 90 seconds. When it comes out top with whatever you want. I went minimal with just some salt and pepper.  Looking back tomatoes would have been a really nice addition.

Let’s hope the rest of my day goes as easy and simple as the morning.