My mom is currently living it up in Southern California right now.I receive daily pictures.

Like These:

And this:

That is the Hollywood sign in the back ground. Her current next door neighbor is Chevy Chase. No lie.

Meanwhile here in NYC, we have this:

It is sort of hard to read, but yes that does in fact say snow for April 1st. Must be a joke, right?

Today, I started with Week 1 Day 1 of my 5k training plan. It should have been yesterday, but sometimes life does get in the way. Doctor appointments are also part of maintaining a healthy life. So go get your annual physical if you are due!

Wednesday is also leg day this week. Work to follow this afternoon.

I mentioned yesterday that I like my bananas, scientifically known as Musa acuminata, to be under-ripe. Green bananas get me giddy. When you peel them they have a different smell. Almost fresher. And they taste a little more chalky and kind of melony. ❤

The Perfect Bunch:

Look how beautiful they are! Yum, Yum. And oddly enough in my reader this morning was a headline from Bananas: Ultimate Hunger Buster. Turns out bananas that are still a little green are actually healthier for you! Well hot damn! As usual, Green is always Good! Bananas are loaded with resistant starch. RS does not get digested in the small intestine, and instead goes to the large intestine to act as dietary fiber. Green bananas have 3x the amount as ripe bananas. That’s approximately 12.5 g vs 4.7 g. I guess that explains the chalkier taste that I love so much. So next time you need a snack to hold you over grab a under ripe banana. You will also receive a healthy dose of potassium, which helps ward off the dreaded shin splints.