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TGIF! Well, sort of. The weather here in New York is crappy. And we are spending our Friday night in. Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I never have the energy on Friday nights to go out. After a busy work week, I just like to relax, not cook, and lounge around in pajamas and no bra. I love taking that thing off after a long day. Something as simple as taking my bra off, is one of my great joys in life. If women get together and decide to burn bras again – I’m all for it! I have yet to find one that is comfortable and is actually supportive for longer than a week. I will not be burning my sports bras though. Sorry feminists, but I will have bigger problems if I go hopping and running around without a sports bras.

Friday night is also my designated “cheat night.” Unless I have an event or plans another night, it is usually Fridays where Bryan and I eat out and I’m not really strict about it. This is the night where I indulge any cravings. Usually, I crave Thai or Sichuan Chinese. Tonight, it was Indian. I could picture that fluffy naan all day long. We went to Bhatti Grill in Curry Hill. Rhyme not intended. For an appetizer we got this stuffed mushroom dish –  Bharwaan Mushroom mushrooms stuffed with a cheese mix and mild spices, coated with yogurt, grilled. I forgot to take a picture because we were hungry and it was that good. So they were scarfed down before I remembered.Then, we split garlic naan, basmati rice, and a veggie dish – cauliflower florets cooked with yogurt, in a tangy onion-tomato sauce. Bryan also got Chicken Tikki Masala. I love dipping the naan in the extra sauce.

Gobhi Mussalum

Like every elderly couple out there we ate dinner at 6 pm on a Friday night. This left plenty of time for some GBL(gym, blogging, laundry) after the meal. We got home sorted the laundry, while the laundry was going I went down to the gym, and now here I am blogging. Today was rest day from running based on my 5k training plan. So here is what I did:

Friday – Back, Biceps, and Abs. Perform in numerical order, 8-10 reps, 3 sets. Weight heavy enough to fatigue by end of reps.

  1. Deadlift – do not perform stiff leg deadlift, which works hamstrings and glutes more. I was focusing on my back today, so bend your knees when the bar is passed them and go all the way to the floor. Here is a good link with tips.
  2. Dumbbell Bent Over Row
  3. Seated Hammer Curl
  4. Reverse Bicep curl – this is a new move for me so I have to drop down to low weights.
  5. Weighted Crunches
  6. Weight Russian Twist
    Also added this superset 2 times
  1. Hyper-extension 15 reps
  2. Hanging Leg Lifts 15 reps

Lastly, I followed that up with 20 minutes of strength training intervals on the elliptical. Until this week, I have not used an elliptical in about a year. I just started hating. I am regaining my like for it with the need to balance the running with something low impact. I was not doing that back in January and started having problems with my knees again.

Today, I came across this article from a 2002 issue of the Journal of Internal Medicine, that said moderate aerobic exercise is great for cardiovascular health, but in order to ward of bone loss stronger muscles are needed. This is another great reason for women to start lifting weights. Loss of bone density is a problem for older women, and strength training can help hold off bone loss due to age. So if you are not already, get out there and start incorporating weights into your exercise routine. Strength training is recommended 2-3 times per week.