Seems like every blogger is having a busy weekend. It’s the nice weather finally giving a reason to get out and be busy.

I cannot sleep past 730 am, no matter how hard I try. I was up early enough to browse the internet and eat a little non fat greek yogurt with strawberries before my 930 spin class. Class gets done at 1020, and I literally sprinted off the bike and 10 blocks home to be in the shower by 1030. I was out the door, in record timing, by 11 am. My boss wanted to treat the lab to lunch, and I had to meet everyone in Union Square at 1130.

We were headed to Super Wings, in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Super Wings was just named the best wings in the city. Mayor Bloomberg also voted them the best. AND they won the wing challenge on Throw Down with Bobby Flay. The great thing is the twist they have. This isn’t just your typical chicken wing. They are all made by the owners grandmother from the Caribbean. The flavors range from Island Spiced Dry Rub, to Merry Mango, to Pineapple Jerk. I tried 2 wings: the Ginger Buff which was mild, but our favorite were the spicy Chili Cilantro. I also got an order of their Barefoot Spinach Rice. An added bonus is their “KISS” philosophy. We employ the ‘KISS”  (Keep It Simple, Silly) system in every aspect of our operation from the simple organic meats, fruits and seasonings we use to the biodegradable paper products its served upon. It was a long trek and their is limited seating but it was well worth it. We took our wings to Prospect park and enjoyed the April sunshine. While everyone else was running and playing frisbee – we were eating super messy wings. C’est la vie.

I’m off to go do my 20 minute easy run for today, before I hit up the East Village with Bryan and other med student friends.