Dan and I

I was pumped to be going out on Saturday night. I was starting to feel old and boring, because most of our evenings are spent at home just vegging. See Friday Night Laundry Also, ever since giving up drinking last year I am always think people do not invite us out because I do not drink. It was a great night to go out too! It was a little chilly, but definitely better than it has been. The group started out a new bar, 10 Degrees. We chose it for the awesome 2 for 1 Happy Hour. They had a lot of fun cocktails on the menu. I liked it because the music was fun, and the decor had a cozy, comfortable vibe. Overall, just a nice laid back bar.

All the boys got this fruit drink

Blueberry Stoli Martini

Bryan and I shared Olives

Calamata and Gaeta Olives

Happy Bryan

He is happy eating olives and drinking cider made from Crispin Apples! Not to mention, having a break from studying.

Sunday, I was up early to head to Target in Brooklyn with Molly. We got some essentials and some non-essentials. Target is always dangerous for spending money. I did finally get a toaster! And it only cost $8! I heart Target. And then we stood in line for new underwear at Victoria Secret for half an hour. This is no exasperation – we timed it! And there was only like 2 customers before us.

I raced home to meet my roommate. We had big plans to go to the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival. I was both starved and excited to see some of the cities top vegetarian restaurants. We almost sprung for tickets earlier in the week for guaranteed access to lectures and a swag bag. However, since it was free general admission we decided it wasn’t entirely necessary. Boy, were we wrong! We got there at 2, and were told the line was 2-3 hours long. HOLY CRAP! The festival was suppose to end at 6! Needless to say, as much as we wanted to go, (we even contemplated ways we could sneak in) we just could not justify standing in that line.

I hit up Whole Foods for lunch, and actually managed go through the 10 items or less line at the checkout. This is a first for me. I got some beautiful tulips in honor of Spring finally arriving.

Beautiful Orange and Yellow

To finish off the weekend some of the medical students and I met in the lounge to watch Disney’s Tangled. If you grew up watching Disney, I highly recommend it. It was reminiscent of the early 90’s Disney movies. We all really enjoyed it.

Almost forgot. After lunch, I had to do my 30 minute run for today. I was on a treadmill, and I can never just run one pace for that long. I get bored. So here is the break down:

30 Minute Steady Run:

Set Incline to 1.0 for whole run – this makes it feel like you have some road under your feet.

Minute                 Pace

0-5                          3.5-5.0

5-10                       5.5

10-15                     6.0

15-17                     6.3

17-21                     6.0

21-23                     6.5

23-27                     6.3

27-30                     6.0