I have some lunchtime links to share today. I usually eat lunch at my desk and take the time to surf the internet. My lunch is usually always some version of the this salad. So, I do not think it is necessary to post a picture of it everyday. What is necessary today is to share some new(to me) and noteworthy links I came across while enjoying said salad.

Blogging for a Change – Definitely click here to donate to the relief fund for Japan and to enter to win awesome prizes from companies like Attune Foods, Bondi Bands, Love Grown Foods, and Chobani.

10 New Ways to Eat Well – Pay Special attention to Tip #4. Losing weight requires a lifestyle change, not dieting. Amen to that!

Russian Bites – This is a site by Elina, from Healthy and Sane, dedicated to recreating the Russian food she grew up on. I’m pumped about this because Bryan grew up eating Eastern European/Ukrainian food, and it is one of his comfort foods. Not to mention, it is delicious! I am looking forward to trying out some of her recipes.