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Quick work out post. I forgot to mention I’m strength training 6 days this week. This is up from 3 last week. Then, I’m cutting back again next week to recover.

Today was legs again:

2 sets each; 15 reps:

  • Set Ups – 15 ea leg
  • Front Squat with Kettleball
  • Stability ball hamstring curl
  • Side lunge with Stability Ball
  • Calf Raises x 25
  • Incline Leg Press

Followed by my 25 minute easy run today. I kept it light 0.5 incline entire way and mph ranging from 5.5-6.3.

Dinner was quick and easy. Rising Moon Organics Ravioli that I picked up at whole foods. This is a vegetarian company. All natural/organic ingredients no preservatives. Nothing unrecognizable in the ingredient list. I got the Basil, Asiago, and Pine Nut Pesto, tossed with a little tomato sauce. I was actually impressed with the frozen ravioli. Flavors were great. Very good option for those nights when yo get home late/do not feel like cooking. We do not really eat a lot of pasta, but ravioli is always a win with Bryan.

What is your go to for a quick/no hassel dinner?