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Date Night last night, I was really trying to think of a new place to go. Not hard in NYC. What is hard, is picking one! Souen is a restaurant I kept coming across in searches, but kept forgetting to go. So when I saw it featured on Une-Vie-Saine, I made up my mind that was where were going. It is an all natural, macrobiotic restaurant. Macrobiotic is just a way of saying getting whole grains and fresh, local produce, while avoiding processed food and most animal products. Bonus that it is located in the East Village. This is out favorite neighborhood. Largely due to the fact that it is a comfortable walking distance. About a mile from our place.


Bryan got the Mushroom Risotto.

Bryan's Dinner

I got the Tahini Shoyu Ramen with Zucchini Noodles. I feel I have been eating too many carbs lately, so although I love my udon, I opted for more veggies. Although with the zucchini noodles the Ramen came with broccoli, carrot, Chinese cabbage, leeks, mushroom, and squash.

This bowl was HUGE!

I ended up taking half home for leftovers. I usually do that everything we eat out. Helps me keep my portion control in check, as well as provides me two meals. Gotta make that dollar stretch in this city. On the walk back We headed home early to just relax and take an evening off from electronics. I love my new blog, but an evening with out turning the laptop on was nice.

Today was almost the perfect Saturday! I lounged around catching up on the internet. Sipped my coffee and had this tasty bowl of cereal.

1 serving NP Hertiage Flakes, Chia Seeds, Strawberries, Almonds, Coconut flakes and Unsweetened Almond Milk

I had this a couple of times this week.

Then, I strolled down Broadway in Chelsea doing some shopping. Mostly window shopping, but I mainly went to get birthday presents for my mom and my brother. Their birthday are both at the end of the month.

I met up with all my lab member for a sushi lunch at The Loop on 3rd Ave and 17th Street. Forgot pictures :(. I still feel weird when I’m out with other people, and my boss.

I eventually made my way to the Green Market in Union Square in the afternoon.

Flowers at the Market

Here is everything I scored.

My Loot

From left to right we have: Handmade pretzels for $2, wheat berries $2, Orange Fig Jam $3, 3 lbs of granny smith and cameo apples $3(!), Millet Sunflower Bread $4, Honey Lavender Goat cheese $ 6.50, and Beets $2. The cheese was a splurge, but it tasted so good! I got a sample before I bought it. I was actually stopping for the fresh ricotta, but got sold on this instead.

I took a nice walk back through the park. The weather was so nice and relaxing.

Gramercy Park

I said my Saturday was almost perfect, because after I dropped my purchases off I had to run over to the lab to do some quick work. A life in science…..

When I got home I put that expensive cheese to use. I roasted the 4 beets I purchased. Method is: preheat oven to 425 degrees, wash beets, lay on large sheet of foil, drizzle oil (I used olive oil), sprinkle salt, wrap the foil around the beets in a burrito-esque fashion, and cook until tender. My medium size beets took about 40 minutes.

When they were cool enough to handle I peeled of the skin and sliced them into chunks.

Roasted Beets

Then I cut off half the log of cheese and popped in the microwave for 20ish seconds. Just enough to make it warm and a little runny. It was already very soft.

Honey Lavender Goat Cheese

It looks so good, right?! The lavender is so pretty. Next, I split the beets up between two bowls and topped with the slightly melted cheese.


It looks like a mess, but it was fabulous. I have never eat beets in such a large amount. Bryan was skeptical. But as usual he enjoyed it. He said the flavors were nice and subtle, and really complimented each other well. My hands are now stained pink. Oh well, a small sacrifice for a great little dish. On a strange side note, beets will also turn your urine red. Do not be alarmed. Sorry for the possible TMI. I thought it was an important fact to pass along.

I also could not resist trying the Millet Sunflower Bread. I toasted it up (so glad I bought the toaster), and spread on the last of my Wild Blueberry Ginger Jam.

I heart bread!

Kind of a strange dinner, but it tasted good. That is all the matters!

I did a very late run tonight at 9 pm. I usually hate running that late but it wasn’t bad. I even did an extra 20 minutes of hills after my 25 minute easy run. Treadmill again, too late to go outside. Especially since my boss was telling us at lunch that there are an especially high number of sexual predators in our area because of the hospital men’s shelter. Great… But I lived in Harlem/Washington Heights last year, so I have toughened up enough to not be too scared. Just be always be aware of your surroundings.

For the rest of the evening I plan on drinking my sleepytime tea, and watching Eat, Pray, Love on Netflix.