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It has been one month since I decided to start A Healthy Attitude! I wouldn’t say struggling per se, but I am still working out the kinks. I have to find my voice still. Goals I have for the blog:

1) Find a flow – my posts are sometimes erratic. I post a couple times in one day then I do not post at all the next day. I think I would ultimately like to post 2-3 times a day, but I am going to shoot for at least once everyday right now.

2) Photography – I did meet up with the cousin to teach me how to use my camera. I still have work to do. Honesty most of my pictures come from my blackberry. I have discovered the lighting it better on my desk than in the kitchen, so I have been playing around with that. I also discovered iphoto on my mac. I think it is easier to use than Photoshop. But I need to take the camera out and practice more.

3) Post my weight loss story – this is essential! It really should have been up when I started the blog. I am trying to find picture though. I used to avoid pictures because I was heavy. This will definitely be up this week.

4) Aesthetics – I would like to work on the appearance of the blog more, but for now that is last on my list. The content is more important right now.

5) Every meal blogger – I go back and forth with this. Do I want to be an every meal blogger or just the highlights? I think you can see me being wishy washy about this in the blog. Some days everything is there, some days it’s not. I am still undecided. Anyone have advice? I lean more towards for the highlights. I eat a lot of salads and oatmeal just like everyone else. Hmmm, stuff to think about.

Although it is tough, I am still happy I started this. It has already been doing its job of helping me grow and giving me goals for my life, and its only been a month! I cannot wait to see where else it takes me.

My spinning class tonight was great! I haven’t worked that hard in a while. Maybe because I ran first, but I think it was still more challenging. It was the first time I was at the NYSC Union Square location. It is pretty there. All the equipment is brand new. I was also happy to see the new Livestrong bikes that my usual location has. If anyone reading has NYSC membership the Sunday 5pm class with Jack (or maybe Jake) is really good. He pushes you very hard. Lots of hills and a good amount of intervals in today’s ride. I was sweating and it hurt – but a good hurt. He was also wearing a Scotland Run 10K shirt. He ran the 10K today and taught class tonight. He rode with us the whole time. I hate when instructors don’t ride. And he ran a race today and was able to ride with us! He had high energy and motivated the class the whole time. Best instructor I’ve had in awhile. Definitely glad I switched it up.

Dinner tonight was whole foods bar on the way back from the gym. I really should NEVER go in there. I spend too much. A cheap quick dinner turns into $25. Not so cheap. That price was 2 boxes, one for me and one for Bryan. But there are just too many options, and everything looks so good. Also, all the good stuff is heavy. Here is a photo of my $10 salad monster.

Whole Foods Salad Bar

Bottom: Steamed Collards and Steamed Kale.

Top: Heirloom Bean Salad, Mediterranean Chickpea Salad, Nicoise Tofu Salad w/ olives, potatoes, and walnuts

It was good not great. But satisfying with all the beans and tofu. I tried to stick with a theme this time. I guess it was Mediterranean. I usually end up with a crazy hodge podge of crap. It is always good though – so why mess with a good thing. I thought the theme might reduce the price too, so I didn’t get too much. Eh, I think it is inevitable at Whole Foods. Maybe just use the smaller box.

Tomorrow morning I am trying out another location for NYSC – the Mercer street. They have a morning vinyasa yoga class. I will let you know how it is!

Have a relaxing Sunday evening!

Do you spin? Does it drive you nuts when the instructor doesn’t ride?