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I have never watched any of the Real House Wives series on Bravo. Yet, here I am on a Sunday afternoon lounging in my pajamas, watching Real House Wives of Orange County. There is a lot of ridiculous going on. I kills me that something with real in the title is about people so far removed from real people and real problems. I guess that is why people watch it though. To see how people so different than them live. Maybe I am just a tad envious of the easy lifestyle. Sometimes, I think maybe I won’t go back to school – just hold out until Bryan is a surgeon. I could be a house wife. Wake up, play in the kitchen, go to the gym whenever I want, and make dinner. Then, I actually have a day off and I don’t know what to do with myself.

I was up at 730. I have never been one to just lay in bed. I can’t sleep past 8 for anything. I immediately got started cleaning the bathroom. I let it go too long this time. When I was done with that I started brewing some coffee and cleaning the kitchen. Then, I started laundry. This was all before 9 am. And I was starving. So I scrubbed up. Poured more coffee and toasted up some Millet Sunflower Toast topped with fresh ground peanut butter and sliced strawberries. I also made Bryan some toast for breakfast. He was finally up getting ready to leave to go study for the day. We split some mango slices as well.

Half Eaten Breakfast

Bryan left and I brought the laundry up to put away. Instead of just putting the laundry away. I decided to clean out the closet and my pj/gym clothes drawer. I got rid of 2 bags of stuff. A lot of the sweaters and shirts that are too big, I only wore a few times. I looked up places to sell clothes, and I found a place called the Buffalo Exchange in the East Village. I think this is a good way to save some money. If you have clothes in still good condition, try and sell them, then use the money to put towards new clothes. I am always looking for ways to save money here in the city and share them. I still need to go through everything in my storage facility too.

I cleaned up the room and then it was passed noon. I guess was playing the part of house wife this morning. And I was Starving again. Cleaning makes you hungry! I finally got to use my completely asian dish set together. I got these last summer in Chinatown. They are not a real set but I tried to find things that kind of matched. It probably took me an hour in that store. There were so many pretty dishes. Poor Bryan had to wait patiently while I was indecisive. I would have left that store with 5 sets had he not helped me choose one. I heated up my left over ramen from date night on Friday.

Tahini Shoyu from Souen

Yes, that full bowl is left overs. That is how big the ramen portions are at Souen. And it is inexpensive.

To round out my lunch. I enjoyed a macaroon from Green Cafe of 1st Ave.

Macaroon and Tea

This one was honey lavender. I also purchased a Caramel with Fleur de Sel. I think these are the first real macaroons I have ever had. I wanted to purchase Bryan a treat after a long day of studying. They are expensive though. I didn’t realize they were $2.50 each! They are so good, at least the price will make sure they are a rare treat.

I have a date with the gym now – spinning and a 35 min run is on the agenda. I am trekking down the the NYSC in Union Square.

Enjoy the rest of you weekend!