Today I need need some therapy and stress relief all over the place. I woke up early to go to yoga this morning. My muscles and joints needed some therapy. Note new tie-dye headband. Perfect amount of stretch.

Morning Yoga

I have mentioned my love/hate relationship with yoga. Same today, but it was actually a really good flow class. One of the best I have tried. I really think I am going to make this Monday morning class a regular thing. Body therapy – check.

I definitely have a coffee addiction. I am not really upset about it. I am not a fan of the headaches I get in the afternoon if I haven’t had enough, but I am slowly cutting back so try and rectify that. I use to drink 3-4 cups a day. And we all know that a cup is more than just 8 oz. I am trying to cut back to just one morning cup. I love my morning coffee. Luckily, right next to the Mercer St gym is my favorite coffee place in the city, Think Coffee.


Liquid therapy – check.

After work I spent some girl time with my co-worker. We went and got manicures and pedicures. She is from the Netherlands, and this was her first mani-pedi. They do not have nail salons in the Netherlands. It was fun and relaxing.

Essie Nice is Nice

Pampering Therapy – check. Perfect color for Easter/Spring time, right?

I had a long weekend, full of no sleep. I worry. I worry all the time about everything. I try to fix everything for everyone. I worry that solutions will make things worse. I worry about work, family, future, Bryan, finances, life. Worry, worry, worry. You get the idea. This weekend was full of worry.

In my previous life, pre-discovering health. To cope I ate. I ate salty, I ate sweet, I ate things I did not really want. I ate just to have something else to do other than to worry and fret. But it would back fire, because then I would worry about what I ate, and worry about my weight. So when you are trying to lead a healthy life and food was your fall back what do you do?

First understand emotional eating. Remind yourself that you are craving that food not because your body needs it, but because of something completely unrelated to food and hunger. I did not recognize this. I would eat the ice cream or the cake or the bag of tortilla chips and tell myself I deserved it because I was upset. Eating as a distraction did not make me feel good. Find other things you can do to occupy your mind other than oral fixation. Some ideas are all those listed above. Things that make you happy other than food.

Another thing I turn to now is exercise. Exercise is perfect because it makes you feel strong and better all around. You can work out anger through intervals or a kickboxing class. Or unwind with a jog or yoga. Remind yourself how strong of a person you are all around and do a lifting routine. Pick your favorite work out and go to town. You will feel so satisfied after. And choosing something you know you love will be a bigger motivator.

What if it is meal time and you are craving comfort food because of your stress? Well eat what you are craving, but make it healthy or in moderation. I know I crave carbs and ice cream. So dinner tonight, I made sure to include a nice serving of carbs: vegetables and protein over a nice bed of whole wheat Israeli couscous. I chose the larger pearl couscous because I knew the larger texture would be more satisfying.

I cooked the couscous according to package

Sauteed broccoli, edamame, peppers, and a little chicken in:

rice wine vinegar

sesame oil

salt and pepper

ground ginger

red pepper flakes

I flavors were actually really nice. More importantly the couscous hit the spot. The larger pearls are chewy like pasta.

Low fat or non fat greek yogurt is my go evening snack. It is similar to ice cream, but much healthier. Because it does not have all the sugar, fat, calories, and cholesterol. You can have fun with toppings. I like to add crunch like nuts or granola, for the pure pleasure, and berries, for natural sweetness. I do not feel deprived with this snack. If I’m really craving something more desserty I include some chocolate granola. I’m always licking my yogurt cup/ bowl clean.

So I’m going to go indulge in some snack therapy: plain non-fat chobani, hemp plus granola, and a bunch of fresh blueberries (some missed the yogurt and went straight to my mouth).


Guilt-free and delicious

I’m bound to get a good nights rest tonight with all the therapy indulging. Just remember next time you are down or stressed – do the things that make you feel good! And if only chocolate will do – then have that piece of dark chocolate, savor it, and do not look back.

What do you do on particularly stressful days (or weeks)? Any good stress busting work out routines?