Last Tuesday I posted what I called “lunch time links.” I think I am going to make this a Tuesday Tradition.

1) Fed Up with School Lunch – Mrs. Q decided to purchase lunch with her student everyday for a year and blog about it. Here is a CNN article about it. I did not know this existed until today – what a good idea. Bryan and I were just talking about school lunches the other day. Only school lunches would give you milk in a bag? It does not even make sense. We were recalling things we remembered eating breaded chicken patties, that weird lunch meat that was thick and rubbery, pizza dippers – which were just basically like crust from stuffed crust pizza, and soft pretzels with mustard – yes that was a common lunch “entree.” I do not remember there being any fruit or fresh produce at all. Everything offered was fried and fake food. Healthy eating has to start young! 1) It is better for development 2) How do you know what to eat unless you are taught it? I do not think I even realized back then, I just figured that was what I was suppose to be eating.

2) Muscle Confusion – read this article to learn how to get more out your strength training and avoid plateau. Bonus – scientific research to back it up.

3) Oatmeal Ice Cream – Genius! This combines 2 of my favorite things. This is on the top of my “to make” list. This list is too long!

Today’s Salad brought a little color to a drab day here in the NE

Salad Mix:

Spring Greens and Baby Spinach

Scoopful of Whole Wheat Pearl Couscous (left over from dinner)

Handful of garbanzos

Roasted red pepper slices

Tomatoes, cucumbers, carrot

Crumbled up honey lavender goat cheese

1 tsp balsamic vinegar

Enjoy your lunch!