Today is one of my lab mates birthdays. She is from the Netherlands, and we celebrated her first birthday is the States, but the Dutch way. Back home, the birthday girl, or boy, bakes a treat to share – sort of elementary school style here. So she insisted on baking her favorite Dutch apple pie. I was not going to argue against it too much. It was fabulous. We had a small celebration around 11 am and enjoyed it then.

Best Apple Pie - ever!

Could not ask for a better second breakfast. Actually, this one more like my first breakfast. I was sooo late and only had time to grab a banana after my morning run. Pie = breakfast of champions. Heck – You only live once. I indulged in a skinny slice and passed on the ice cream. I looove my ice cream, but it was too early even for that. She used this nifty pan where the sides come off, and the metal bottom is still there holding cake/pie. No more trying to peel the pie without breaking it. I need to find out where to get this at.

Now it is time for my Tuesday Lunchtime Links. Here is what I found interesting today.

Speaking of apple pie….

“Apple a day” Advice Rooted in Science – a article about research backing up WHY something is healthy. Perfect! This is exactly what I love. You hear something is healthy, but WHY is the interesting part. An average 23% decrease was found in bad cholesterol levels, LDL, in women who were given apples everyday after 6 months.  They also found an avg. 3.3 lbs weightloss in these women compared to the control group. This is possibly to due to pectin in apples curbing hunger and less calories being ingested. This awesome because I really do eat an apple pretty much daily. Sometimes 2. Granny smith and honeycrisp are my favorite!

Coffee and health: What does the research say? – There is a lot of stuff going blogs about caffeine. Specifically, reducing intake. This is something even I am trying to do. I do not think coffee is bad. I love my morning coffee, and I do not plan on giving it up. I was just drinking too much all day long. I want to enjoy my morning coffee and not get headaches in the afternoon if I do not have another cup. That is my motive for trying to cut back. This article on the mayo clinic has a physician discussing the advantages and disadvantages to coffee. Just like everything – it is fine in moderation.

What you need to know about Posture: Spine 101 – This is the first post in a series on posture on the blog, fitwoman.com. I have always had horrible posture, and I suffer from back pain. I am hoping yoga will help with this. This post goes over some of the anatomy of the spine and the effects of poor posture. I realized while reading it I was all hunched over the computer like a gremlin – not good for the spine.

A little science, A little dessert, and now back to work.

While we are on the topic of the spine – Have you ever tried a chiropractor? People say I should give it a shot, but it makes me nervous. If have been – what have your experience been like? Postive? Negative? No difference?