It’s been so long! Been busy, busy, busy packing in traveling, family time, friends time, and getting to all my favorite Syracuse locations. Today’s post is a Friday Flash back – I’m flashing back to Friday and sharing my first evening during my Syracuse vacation. I left NYC on Friday at noon. I am a huuuge packing procrastinator and in the morning had to pack in spinning, laundry, packing, and breakfast with Bryan before I left. I did it all, and got to the Megabus stop with 15 minutes to spare. Phew! I hate taking the bus, but after that hectic morning I was okay with just sitting for a while. I had tons of magazines and RadioLab podcasts to keep me busy for 4.5 hours. Anything longer that though, and I would go crazy!

Syracuse University Dome

Welcome to Syracuse, NY. It is cold and cloudy, and still looks like winter at the end of April. Sigh….But it is still good to be back for a few days.

When I got in, I was hungry! My brother and I headed to his favorite vegetarian/vegan cafe, Strong Hearts.  Friday night is pizza night there! We order The Gentleman Jim – caramelized onions, sauteed shallots, artichoke hearts, and roasted red peppers. All pizzas come with vegan crust, unsure what it is made with, and daiya cheese. I am not a fan of the vegan cheese, but the veggies were so good it was worth it.

Strong Heart's Pizza in Syracuse, NY

Then we headed to mine and Bryan’s favorite spot in Syracuse. Although Bryan was not with me this weekend, I still had to hit up Roji Tea Lounge! During our freshman year in college, I think Bryan and I went there at least twice a week. The menu has loose leaf tea’s from all around the world brewed at their ideal conditions. And they have tons a desserts and Japanese treats. Our favorite is the green tea cake with the aduzki beans. We have never had green tea cake anywhere else that compares to Roji. In addition to their normal menu items they also have a special tea cookie each day. The whole way there I was repeating “please have my lavender cookies, please!”

Special Board at Roji

Hot Damn! Lavender cookies! What luck. So I got an order of those along with the Cherry Blossom green tea, which is only available for a couple weeks in Spring – just like the flowers. I was so excited. NYC has tea lounges, but I have not been able to find any place that compares to the quality of Roji or has some of the menu items they have. Love….

Tea and Cookies

One of the many sofa's at Roji

My brother, Matt, and his Coconut Envy Tea

I was exhausted and head to bed pretty early when we got home. But not before visiting with my puppies and my mom!


Meet Max! He is the most lovable, sweetest black Pomeranian.  I will have to try and get my mom in a picture this weekend.

Where is your favorite place in your hometown?