It is a beautiful morning in NYC! It is suppose to be almost 80 degrees today. A nice welcome back. I got back to NYC last night. I am spending my morning back catching up on some bills/emails/and computer work at, Think Coffee, my favorite coffee place in city!

Mountain of Oatmeal and Strong Coffee

I had a hell of a day yesterday. I woke up with the worst stomach bug I have had in a while. I blame all the jelly beans. After 5 hours of being sick, I had to pack and get ready for my flight! I was praying I would not throw up the entire time. I also got to the airport and to security with only 10 min to spare until my boarding time. The TSA people decided they needed to unpack my entire suitcase! Aaaahhh! I normally breeze through security, but they were being extra harsh – throwing again things I always fly with. Having only 2 pieces of toast the whole day, I was shaking and flustered trying to pack everything back up and get to the gate. My mom is a super packer and was able to fit in all my easter loot, plus all the stuff we got at Target and Wegman’s for me to take back to NYC. Now, I had to figure out how she put it all in there. But in the end, I made it, got to sit next to my cousin on the plane, and did not get sick. PHEW!

So Monday was crazy, but Easter weekend was wonderful!! On the agenda was learning to make a Middle Eastern Feast, including stuffed grape leaves and squash, visiting my two best friends, and my mom’s birthday is Easter Sunday this year. My Mom’s boyfriend is Arabic, and she just spent a week with his family, where they taught her how to cook. I was extremely jealous, plus they live in Southern California. In the interest of time, and keeping this from being the longest post ever ,I will post the Middle Eastern Feast tutorial in a separately this evening. Hope that is okay with you guys!

As my mom and I were exchanging baskets/gifts Sunday morning this little guy hopped past the window.

Easter Bunny!

I ran around trying to find my camera and yelling “Look a bunny and it’s Easter!” for like 5 minutes. I’m surprised he stayed put for that long.

I made my mom a necklace at Brooklyn Charm for her birthday. I forgot to get a picture! But it was super cute. I might go make another one for myself. She still makes me an Easter basket, and she also gave my birthday gifts. My birthday is not until May 12th, but I won’t be home for it.

Stationary and cute sunflower things to decorate my desk at work, some peeps (of course!), an eye mask, and there is a bag of flax meal hiding in the back

Beautiful earrings from the Venetian in Las Vegas

Globe Candle from San Diego Company

Candle when lit

We spent the rest of the morning in our PJ’s watching movies and eating jelly beans.

I always cook holiday meals and the menu for this year was Asparagus Barley Risotto, Arugula and Strawberry Salad, and Key Lime Pie, my mom’s favorite for her birthday. It is more Spring themed, than Easter, and it is all vegan. Since last summer my brother is vegan so the whole meal is vegan. My first entire vegan holiday meal was Christmas, and everything came out so well, I had expectations to live up to this year. Eeeep!

My Mom and Ernie at Dinner

Risotto and Salad

Vegan Key Lime Pie w/ Soy Whipped Cream

We finished off the night with hours of Mexican Train dominoes.

This game takes forever!

It was good to be home in Syracuse. It was a relaxing and really fun weekend. I cried when I had to leave. Bawled really, while standing at the airport. I’m tearing up a bit now. It is really hard leaving home. I think last year, I only went home twice. So every time I leave I do not know when I will see everyone again. I miss my friends and family. I miss my dogs. Life is just always a little easier when I’m there. It is just so difficult to find the time and the money to make the trip. But I also cry when I leave the city too. I guess I’m just always crying. But Every single time, I come back to the city and see that amazing skyline, it always makes me smile and think “welcome home.” I have a life in the city and a routine. So I do love it here. I am just torn between two homes. Sigh…

Do you have multiple homes too? What do you love about them?