Are you gleeks? I am watching Glee right now. They have the perfect job. Getting to sing and dance to new songs every week. It just seems like so much fun.

So, I am still sick with this stomach bug. I’m not throwing up anymore today which is good.  I do not want to divulge into too much detail, but I had to keep running to my secret bathroom at work today. I ate my usually giant salad, and all the veggies were probably not the best idea considering my stomach is off. I also ended up getting really dehydrated on the way to meet Bryan for dinner. We ordered tons of water first. It was also hard finding a restaurant because my stomach so no salads, no spicy, no sushi…you get the idea.

We ended up at hummus kitchen. Carbs seem the safest right now. All I could eat yesterday was toast and soup. We ordered the Mezze Trio and got falafel, babaganoush, and rice. I also ate bunch of matzo bread. They did not have pita for passover, but the cracker like matzo was perfect for me.

Mezze Trio at Hummus Kitchen

The falafel was served with green tahini. I have to figure out what they use to make it green. Bryan definitely ate a majority of the food, but not because it wasn’t good. Everything was good, and they have a bunch of stuff on the menu that looks really good. A quinoa salad and hummus with fava beans. I will definitely be back when I can stomach the mass amounts of food I usually eat!

This bug has also disrupted my workout routine. LAME. Hopefully I will be back to normal tomorrow. I’m going to start with something nice and easy like the elliptical in my building. But until then my food and workouts will be boring.

I’m going to finish enjoying Glee and sip on my new favorite tea, Green Ginger. The ginger should also help my settle my stomach, hopefully….