Hello! I think I am starting to feel better this morning. I still took the the morning off because I am not 100%. But Hopefully, I can get a workout in this evening. I have signed up for spinning and as of right now fully plan on going. I rather be outside, but I think it is safer going to the gym in case I need to make a quick exit :/…

Breakfast this morning was heavier, but still on the safe side.

As usual pardon the bite...

  • 1/2 Alvarado Street Sprouted Wheat Bagel – scored from the raid of my mom’s kitchen before I left.
  • Thinly spread fresh ground peanut butter
  • ~1 1/2 c watermelon – figure this would help with my hydration
  • coffee!

I love watermelon. The crunch, the juice, the flavor! Love it all. The smell of fresh cut watermelon is my favorite. Smells like summer and fun. My mom used to cut up an entire watermelon on Saturday mornings, and my brother and I could eat the whole thing. Watermelon and brussel sprouts started a war between us. Weird kids…

Besides the watermelon being delicious! These breakfasts are kind of boring. They taste good, but they are not anything special to read about. With that said, this blog is about how I manage to live healthy with all the limitations of being in the city – limited space, time, and money. So this is what I have been eating. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day though and I do really want to start making some of those yummy breakfasts I see floating around the blog world. Or at least muster up the energy to get back to making fancied up oats and smoothies. The week day morning is just tough. I need to revamp my routine, because it really ends up taking like 3-4 hours. I get up so early but still don’t manage to get to work until almost 10. After working out, lounging around sipping my coffee, reading blogs, checking email, make my lunch, and Bryan’s lunch. Then comes the trouble of what to wear?!

Take this morning for instances. I need to do laundry after my trip. I also need to go to my storage facility and get my spring/summer clothes! That’s a good thing! Finally some nice weather! Anyway, back to this morning – so, I grabbed a pair of jeans that I had the waist taken in on last fall. I haven’t worn them in a couple months. They are too big! And there is money in the pocket! Yay, Jeans I had taken are falling off! Hot damn! And I love finding money in pockets – Only a dollar but hey money is money! It is great that the jeans are too big, but at the same time I need something to wear. I have been having this problem a lot lately. Clothes are fitting me weird. Everything is too big, and Bryan calls me bag-ass. Or the next size down is too small. My shirts are too big and too small at the same time. Maybe I just need to start branching out and shopping at other places.

In summary, Wednesday is looking pretty good. It is sunny and 70’s in NYC today, I am starting to feel better, and I have an excuse to go shopping!

Anyone have any good bargain shopping advice? What are your favorite clothing stores? I usually like Banana Republic, Gap, and J. Crew.

Also what is your morning routine like? What do you find is the longest part?