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As you can tell by yesterday’s post, I am stressed and strapped for time. I started forming my new schedule last night.

I still have some rearranging to do until it is finalized. But no wonder I have not been getting everything done – I can’t fit it all in! I need to figure out how to schedule in yoga. Something I  did add in is the Saturday morning Lululemon Running Club. I have been saying I wanted to do this for over a month. Part of the reason I have not is being out of town 3 weekends since March, but also I have nervous about it. I don’t know how far they run, how fast, how I will hold up. Any advice? Should I do it? Do you have a running club?

I was feeling pretty overwhelmed yesterday and crabby so I painted my nails blue. Blue doesn’t have to mean gloomy. It can pretty too!

And dinner was definitely worth posting about – a 7.5 on the Bryan 10 point scale.

Ginger Tofu Rice Bowl – Adapted from The Best of Clean Eating Cookbook

I cooked brown rice and pressed tofu with a towel and 2 heavy books. Sliced half the block into cubes. Daily Garnish has a good tutorial. In a tupperware bowl added 2 large T of garbanzo bean flour (can use any flour recipe called for whole wheat), sprinkle of onion powder, garlic powder, 1/2 tsp of ginger. Then I placed the cubes in the bowl put the top on and shake, shake, shake. Saves a lot more time then dredging each cube individually. I cooked them until brown on each side on a sprayed skillet. Remove from skillet and set aside.

Re-spray the same pan and add your veggies. I used red bell pepper, snap peas, and TJ’s broccoli slaw. Saute for a few minutes until veggies brighten up. In a blow mix 1 T of soy sauce, 1 T of rice vinegar and another 1/2 tsp of ginger.

Add tofu and sauce to the skillet with the veggies. Mix and let cook for another minute or two.

Add rice to a bowl and top with veggies and tofu. It was really good.

I have also been eating lots of blueberries. This morning breakfast was cereal made with left over whole wheat couscous topped with blueberries, cinnamon, walnuts, and splash of almond milk.

While enjoying my breakfast I saw a piece on 1000 Awesome Things on the Today Show. This guy was having a rough time so he started a blog(imagine that!) and started listing everyday awesome things. The little things in life that make you smile. I was really glad I turned on the Today Show this morning. It was ironic that have been in a weird mood and then this story came on. It made me realize that I have a good life, and my biggest problem right now is having a good job and too much things to fit into my life. This is a good thing, not bad!

Here are some awesome things off the top of my head:

  1. Getting a new magazine in the mail
  2. Free samples at the grocery store
  3. Smell of fresh cut watermelon
  4. Spontaneously coming across a NYC street fair
  5. Singing in the car  – I miss this one living in the city and not driving

This was a great piece to put things into perspective!

What are some of your awesome things?