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Bryan and I both got a late start this morning. We were up late talking last night. Nothing bad. We just never get to see each other anymore, and we decided to do some catching up when he got home from studying last night. He was super appreciative that I finally got the laundry done and cleaned up the bedroom. He said he owes me for picking up all the slack lately. On that note – my birthday is in a week!

Bryan also convinced me to try Clarition this morning to see if it clears up the headaches and congestion I have been having. I do feel better so far but not 100% yet – fingers crossed!

Breakfast this morning was almost an exact repeat from yesterday: 1 hard boiled egg, Sunflower millet toast w/ sunflower nut butter and a whole banana this time + coffee with touch of skim milk.

I went to a great talk this morning entitled ” Impact of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome on Brain Structure and Function.” I definitely want to summarize this in a separate post because I think it is important.

I ran home for lunch. I’m so thankful I live only a 5 minute walk from work, and can take a nice lunch at home. I got into a bad habit this winter of eating lunch at my desk. But now that the weather is nice I really need to take advantage of the walk home. As well as, actually take a lunch break and get out from in front of the computer.

Lunch was my usual salad. Today’s edition was a bed of romaine/spinach topped with snap peas, grape tomatoes, handful of broccoli slaw, mushrooms, spoonful of black beans, spoonful of homemade hummus, a few cubes of raw tofu, and balsamic vinegar.

On the side I had a small mug – probably about 3-3.5 oz of low sodium roasted red pepper and tomato soup.

I finished watching an episode of Barefoot Contessa, brewed some blueberry-pomegranate white tea and was out the door back to work.

So quality vs. quantity – I definitely think that quality wins over quantity in just about every case. Clothes – I would rather have a few good quality staples that fit well, than a bunch of cheap stuff that does not fit well. Food – something that is smaller but higher in nutrients and taste, is definitely more satisfying than a whole bunch of something with no nutritional value. Same goes for blog posts. I think it is probably better to have posts with something to say than to post just to post.

With that said, my posts lately have just been sort of a food and exercise journal. This is something that I want to include in my blog to keep myself honest and to share how I try to stay healthy. However, this is not all I wanted my blog to be. I wanted to include more of the science of healthy living and how it can be fun. Another focus I planned on having, is how to stay healthy and active in the city while on a tight budget and strapped for time. Due to lack of time and wanting to keep up with my posts, it has just being easier to list off everything I have eaten. I kept going back and forth between being an “every meal blogger” and a “just the highlights.” In the end, I think to stay on task with myself and provide insight, I want to do every meal.

So how do I post about every meal and still make it high quality? I have a bunch of series in the works that I want to start devoted to days of the week. I also think maybe my evening post is the one where I can write about more than just what I ate and how many reps I did. My new iCalendar scheduled life should help with this too.It will be hard until I am done with the GRE’s in July, but I think I can manage. I have also been putting off a number of post ideas until I got my weight loss page up – and it will most definitely be up tonight – finally!  I know, I know! I have been promising that since I started this blog in March. But you can trust me this time – cross my heart!

Are there any veteran bloggers out there with some advice?? I will take anything.

Final thought this afternoon, I came across these two helpful slide shows today. I know smoothies can be confusing – are they good? are they bad? They are most definitely good – if you do them right. Here is some help:

Top 10 Ingredients to Always Put in Your Smoothies

Top 8 Ingredients to Never Put in Your Smoothies

This is perfect considering I finally got my own little blender in our apartment. Smoothies will be showing up a lot because 1) I’ve missed them so! 2) I now have a personal, to-go cup blender 3) The weather is finally warming up!