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Last night, I was feeling crappy again, but this morning I am headache free! I am always skeptical of medicine though, so I always wonder if it is the Clarition, or if I just got better on my own. I will continue to judge it over the next couple days and see. I only bought a 5 day supply, so time will tell.

My favorite spinning class is 630 Friday mornings. But it happens to be everyone’s favorite at my gym. You have to call at like 630 am on THURSDAY to sign up. Yesterday, I forgot until 1pm – full already…drats.

But perhaps everything happens for a reason. I woke up feeling good and decided a run outside sounded perfect this morning. I am luckily enough to live right on 1st Ave and so close to the East River Drive Parkway. I have only run here a couple times, usually just sticking to the treadmill.

It was great! There were so many people out. Last time I went back in March, there were very few people pounding the East River pavement.

Looks like a postcard, right?! Even after 2 years, I still have moments in the city where I just look around and still cannot believe I live here. This morning was one of them. ❤
I got in a good 40 minutes. It was a 4 mile run. I requested a Garmin Forerunner for my birthday so I can take track distances and time. We will see if I get it. If not, I may have to make it a gift for myself. I can estimate the miles with the help of google maps, but it is not the same.

Breakfast this morning included eggs again. 2 Egg whites scrambled with pepper + piece of sunflower millet toast with tiny bit of Bryan’s blueberry cream cheese + coffee with skim milk.

I like egg whites with just pepper. Bryan tells me I eat too bland sometimes. If you feel that scrambled egg whites are too bland, there are a number of things you can add to still have a quick, low cal breakfast. Spices are great – paprika or chili powder, cumin. A little bit of salsa or hot sauce is really good too.

My random thought this morning: I informed Bryan I want to go to the Kentucky Derby one day. I’m sure the horse race is exciting, I would like to see it at least once. But luckily the actual race only lasts like 30 seconds, because I want to go for the other experiences. The celebrities and the atmosphere. My importantly the gourmet food and garden party dress! And the hats!!

Ever been to the Derby? Would you want to go?

Any random thoughts this morning?