Today is my birthday! I kept saying I did not want to make a big deal about it, but then it arrived and now I am excited. On my run this morning, I wanted to tell everyone that gave me the runner’s smile and nod that today was my birthday. I contained myself though. I ran about 4 miles – further than planned, but I was having such a good time. This is my last run before Saturday, my first 5k in 8 years. Eeeek!

During all my runs this week I have been breaking in my birthday gift from my dad.

My first pair of Brooks running shoes. I had been strictly Asics before this pair of shoes. Thank you New York Running Company!

When I came in from my run Bryan surprised me with this!

A gift card to Anthropologie! Hello cute clothes/dishes. He says this is present 1 of 3. Geez! He goes over board with gifts. I requested they be spread throughout the day. Keep the merriment coming.

So, I have not told you my age yet. To many people this number is still young, but I have been quite terrified of it. I feel like after you hit 21, people stop asking your age. Or rather it is just are you over 21 or not over 21? So after 21 I kept sort of forgetting what my number was. A couple months ago, I realized I was going to be 24 and began to have a sort of quarter life crisis about it. I have been dreading this day ever since. However, now that it is here I am not upset about it. It is still a little scary because I feel like time is flying. But I think 24 is going to be a good year. I feel good.

To kick off 24, I am going to do something common in the blog world and give my list of 24 things that I have learned:

  1. Having a job you like truly does make a huge difference in quality of life and how you view work – I got my new job almost one year ago to the day and it really has made all the difference
  2. Reading is not just for nerds -I have not been a life long reader. When I was young yes, but then lost interest in high school/college. I started again when I moved to NYC. Reading provides entertain, escape, mental fitness, and writing improvement.
  3. There is no bad mood a good song cannot fix. Dance it out!
  4. If you forgive and forget you will get more out of life – It takes much more energy to be angry and hold grudges. I am still working on this some days.
  5. Nothing can go wrong on a good hair day!
  6. Earrings make me feel feminine and pretty.
  7. Sometimes grocery shopping is better than clothes shopping.
  8. Eat your carbs! – Carbohydrates are essential brain power and physical power.
  9. Move daily – There is no excuse for not exercising – even if some days it is light, like a nice walk. Just move – do something, anything, everyday. The benefits are far too great. I have arthritis and for years I let that be my reason for not moving. It turns out if I keep moving my pain is less. Imagine that!
  10. When posing for pictures remember Knockers Up! – in other words remember your posture.
  11. Mom always knows when something is wrong – Don’t bother trying to hide it.
  12. Strive to get your vitamins and minerals from you diet – If you eat a well balanced diet with plenty of fruits and veggies, you should not need to take supplements/ multivitamins.
  13. Financial Budgeting is a necessary evil – problems arise otherwise
  14. Accept Change – Do not fight it, Change is the vehicle for growth
  15. Value yourself and your time – My boss told me this recently and I need to work on it more
  16. Shit in, Shit Out – Do good work and make your best effort. If you put shit into something, you will only get shit out.
  17. Allow yourself a cheat meal or treat once a while – Mine is once a week on Friday evenings (And Birthdays :)! ). If you do not allow yourself to indulge occasionally you will go crazy. A planned cheat will keep you on track the rest of the time.
  18. Have a few good friends – Strong friendships keep you sane and give you support. I would be lost without my Mom, my boyfriend, Carrie, and Jenna.
  19. If possible, always own a puppy! – And rescue when you can. They really are man’s best friend and you will love each other unconditionally.
  20. Do one good deed everyday – donate to charity, compliment someone, make lunch for your significant other or roommate. It will make you and the recipient feel good.
  21. There is nothing comparable to the first sip of a good coffee.
  22. Travel as often as possible – See and experience as many things as you can
  23. Have faith in something – anything
  24. Write Often – I learned this in a philosophy class my senior year in college. We had to write in a journal daily, as well as write reflection papers. I fought this class hard for most of the semester. Now I am a blogger. Writing helps you discover YOU.

What are some important things you have learned?