I did it! I’m so happy and I feel good. I tried to back out the whole 50 minute trip there. Like almost everything I do, I am excited when I get the idea, then when its time I don’t want to do it. I had so many reasons I wanted to back out – the joint inflammation in foot, no bag check, going alone, I don’t want to  go to the Upper West Side, I have to poo. The last one is gross, I know.

At the starting line, I wanted to run the other direction. Horrible memories from high school cross country floated back up. My jaw was tight, my hands were tingling. But then I just went. I was unsure what to expect for my time since I have been doing a lot of treadmill running and I never really had anything to track my pace/distances outside. Seeing has how this was my first run with the Garmin, I did not want to focus on it too much. Just run my race and see what happens. I was so pleased with the results. The watch time is actually about 12 seconds more too! My average pace was 9.26! And the whole race was full of small rolling hills too.

I am so glad I went. I’m pumped. This was unlike cross country. I remember never being happy after a race. No time was ever good enough. This race was just for me, and I was thrilled to have a time under 30 minutes. It was also nice to get messages from Bryan and Mom after the rest telling how proud they were of me. I wish they were there, but that was the next best thing. I cannot wait for the next race! What should I run next??

I got this awesome lycra shirt for running!

Right now, I am icing my poor inflamed toe and enjoying a post run pita with hummus and tabbouleh. It is kind of overcast out today, but I cannot wait to put on my shirt and head out to the farmers market in Union Square. It may seem silly but I am going to wear that shirt all day long.

Have a great day! See you tonight.

Did you run a race recently? Or do anything else you are proud of?