The rest of my birthday went great! I will be posting more on that later. Right now, let’s talk about jitterbugs.

In a couple minutes, I will be heading out for my first race in 8 years! I am feeling unprepared and looking for reasons to back out. I am not as physically prepared as I thought I would be. I know if I want to start racing again I need to start somewhere. This dancing stomach is bringing back memories from high school. I actually hate the starting line. I do not deal with adrenaline. My jaw tightens and my hands tingle. But my favorite part of the race is when the crowd starts to thin out and everyone is settling into their own pace. You can just hear breathing around you and footsteps. During races, I am not running with music and there are completely different sounds.

I’m glad this is sort of a chill run and for a good cause. It is the Melissa Fund Sun Run for Melanoma. I do not have high expectations for my time. I missed some interval runs in my training plan the past few weeks of it. This is just my starting point, and these big events are kind of fun. Soooo, here goes nothing. I’m off to get dressed, get hydrated, and get fueled. My race day breakfast is going to be toast with pb and a banana. I will see you when I get back!