Not only did I need to get back into blogging, but I had to get my daily routine back on track. I am much happier when I work out in the morning. I find that I stay on top of my workouts when I do them in the AM. The afternoon/evening makes it too easy to find other things I need to do, aka EXCUSES.

Part of the reason for my change in routine is that Bryan has finally finished Step 1 of the Medical Exam Boards (and scored really well!), and now he is working in the hospital. This means he is up at 6 am everyday. I did not think it was possible, but his schedule is crazier now. I am no stranger to bright and early, but instead of working out. I have been making breakfast for the both of us and get ready with him. I was getting to work at 730ish instead of my normal 930ish. Crazy, I know. I’m lucky to have such a laid back job, where I can basically come and go as I please. The benefits of science. As long as I get my stuff done, no one really cares.

So, I never thought myself the housewife type, or house girlfriend rather. I’ve always been independent, the one wearing the pants. But I find it actually makes me happy to help out and cook for him. However, I have a hard time remembering that although it makes me feel good and excited to help others, I will ultimately be upset if I sacrifice my needs in the process. Bryan’s new crazy busy, unpredictable schedule has made me remember why I was so adamant on finding myself last year. I need to have hobbies, be happy, and be comfortable with myself. From now until Bryan retires he will have this schedule. Late nights at the hospital, being on call, never sure exactly when he will be done. I can’t just be waiting around.

So this morning, I got up with Bryan, fixed him some food and got the coffee going, but then I headed down to the building gym. Monday for me means Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps + interval training. I tend to work out the same muscle groups together, but change up the exercises I do a bit and the weight so I do not plateau. Today I did supersets – combining 2 workouts for the same muscle group and doing them back to back. I also added some abs at the end. Just do it, you won’t be sorry after. Personally, abs is my least favorite muscle group to work. Some time it helps just to do it first and get it over with, so I do not try and skip it.

Monday – Chest, Shoulders, Triceps + Abs

Today’s Speed Interval Workout: Done on the treadmill


Best thing I ate today was this little egg, kale, and sweet potato number from One Healthy Munchkin. This was my lunch today.

I have the luxury of being 5 minutes from work so I can go home and whip up something for lunch everyday. I did make some minor changes. I didn’t have onion, and I used 1 egg and 1 egg white. I like my yolks to be slightly runny still. That made for the best bits when I had kale, tater, and the gooey yolk all in one. I want more now, but alas that was the last of the kale. That means I have to make a trip to Trader Joe’s soon. Haha, yes! This is in no way a bad thing for me ever. Except for maybe on my wallet.

Do you have people you like take care of or maybe a job that’s really demanding? How do you balancing taking care of yourself and others? The more I think about, the more it makes sense that I like taking care of Bryan. I thought it was the opposite because I was raised so independent. But that has also made me a little controlling(eeek!). I think it is the controlling side that likes to do everything. And the fact that I love to make something yummy and see how he reacts : )!