Hello all! I am back. After some reflection, a little self butt kicking, and organization, I’m getting back into blogging. I gave my little site a face lift. I think she is much more pleasant to look at now. I did decide to stick with my original name though. It is too confusing to change it right now.

Just wanted to resurface and say hi. I will be back this evening with my first official welcome back post. I have high hopes for this time around. I have better focus and goals in mind for the blog. I hope you like the new look and material to come!

Some exciting news I would like to share before I go:

1) I am now on twitter! Follow me here http://twitter.com/#!/ashwhelan

2) I am officially attending the Healthy Living Summit next month in Philly! I’m pumped about this. Can’t wait to meet new people and soak up as much info as I can.