So, if I haven’t been blogging what have I been up to?

Going on vacation to NC with Bryan – check!

Eating lots of Ice Cream! – absolutely!

Surprising my mom and family on a trip home!

This was literally the best cake I’ve had! It tasted like wedding cake. I couldn’t stop eating it! I even dropped some crumbs (not many, don’t worry!) and my cat got them. This resulted in a sugar high for her. She was literally bouncing off the walls.

And enjoying the city alot!

Medical school party at Frying Pan:

Washington Square Park

Yes, this is me dancing with street performers. Best night in awhile!

Basically, I have just been really enjoying summer. I am really excited about this because, I used to hate summer. I hated summer because I was not comfortable in my own skin and summer made it worse. Being overweight is more than just how you look, it is how you feel. I felt uncomfortable all the time and was always hiding. Summer made it harder to hide. Hot weather made it harder to hide under clothes, summer parties made it harder to hide from pictures, and summer activities made it harder to hide how out of shape I was. I was embarrassed to move and be seen.

Now, all I want to do is be outside in the heat! Everyday on my lunch break I just soak up the sun and wish I didn’t have to go back inside. I own shorts! I have not owned shorts in years. Tank tops! I even went out and got a bathing suit, and I actually wanted one! It is a one piece, but mostly because I want to start lap swimming so I needed a functional one.

I love summer now. I love the sun, I love the clothes, I love morning runs, and getting sweaty. And I definitely love the fresh summer fruits and vegetables! I’ve been eating my weight in cantaloupe and snap peas.  I am no longer hiding and uncomfortable. That goes for both my body and myself in general. Being healthy really has made me happy.

There is so much I want to still and summer is fleeting fast!

What is your favorite thing about summer?