I am currently watching Clarissa Explains It All. If you do not have the Teen Nick channel, you can watch them streaming here: http://90sareallthat.teennick.com. Clarissa was way ahead of it’s time. In this episode, she just rigged up her computer to streaming TV. Really, this was the early 90’s? She was awesome. While getting a Clarissa update, I realized this show was one of the first media blogs. Fiction, but still. I’m glad it’s back, I could use some fashion ideas and I was starting to run out of insults, like pimple head.

Back to real life, the sports bra challenge yesterday was awesome. I’ve never been to a class that was that alive with positive energy and inspiration. Olivia and Hannah from Biggest Losers were there. Olivia was the winner this year. It amazing to see them in person. I’ve really only watched the biggest loser a few times, but I have seen the pictures. Being in their presence was really inspiring. They were both just so happy and really giving it their all. Jenny Gaither, the instructor, was so high energy it was insane. She gave a little speech about how the sports bra challenge was really about loving yourself and your body exactly how it is. The spirit was the day was to take your shirt off and get rid of negative body image. You could feel the love in the whole room. Everyone spun their heart out. I was really honored to be a part of it. I never would have thought 40 lbs ago, that I would be working out in just a sports bra and standing outside in NYC posing for a picture in it! Great experience and a really sweaty workout.

I will write up a review the the soul cycle experience and maybe compare it to my NYSC classes and Fly Wheel in another post. I want this one to be about the message from yesterday. There was no better way to start the day/ kick off the weekend. Granted, I did have to go to work after.

Loved my body later and gave into some cravings for dinner – Indian! I love me some spicy food! Bryan and I, both had really late days and didn’t sit down for dinner until 9. We got our dinner to go and spent some quality time at home. We order from Dhaba. A little more expensive than the surrounding Indian restaurants in Curry Hill, but totally worth it! The food is good. This is my plate:

  • a scoop of basmati rice
  • garlic naan!
  • yellow lentils with fresh coriander and cumin
  • white meat chicken with coriander-infused yogurt, brown onions and cardamom.

It was all really fantastic, but both Bryan and I were really loving the chicken dish. The yogurt sauce was amazing.

What is your favorite indian dish? Bryan always orders tikka masala. Luckily, I was in charge of ordering this time otherwise we would not have discovered that amazing yogurt sauce.