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“If you can’t change your situation, change your attitude” – Maya Angelou

I am feeling super bummed since Friday morning. I had a great run on Thursday morning.  Really great actually. It was only 3.1 miles but I had taken Wednesday off and my legs felt good. Unfortunately this good feeling didn’t last. Friday morning on the way to spinning my knee felt kind of funny. This happens from time to time for me. I have mentioned briefly before, I have sciatica and arthritis. In the morning I tend to be stiff or have weird pings, but once I get moving it usually works itself out. After class, I spent some quality time with the foam roller. That also usually does the trick. Hurts like a SOB! But works wonders. Not so much this time though. It is Sunday afternoon, and it hurts to walk.

Now what? I just amped up my running again a couple weeks ago. Everything was going well, and I even decided to enter some longer races this fall. Then this happens. My initial thoughts:

First – What the ****?!?! I just signed up for races and mapped out my training plan.

Second – How do I explain to the blogging world? Everyone is training with milage in the double digits and I can’t even get past 2-4.5 miles.

Then – I am really disappointed! I thought things were going really great and I was pumped.

Then, I read the latest post from Ashley over at Healthier, Happier She talked about how she didn’t feel confident in her long run because other people were running further. I realized that no matter what the situation it is never beneficial to compare yourself to others. Fitness is also something everyone should be doing for themselves, not anyone else. Therefore, it does not matter how far everyone else is running. Just how far you are running.

I cannot change my current situation, but I can change how I am dealing with it. So, in the spirit of Project Think Positive. I am going to take my initial thoughts and turn them into positives. Here is what I have learned from this injury. I cannot change my situation, but I can change how I am dealing with it. This is how I am accepting my injury and what I have learned the past 3 days.

1. Step it back. I am taking a few days off from weight bearing activity and icing it often. Although an injury might not sound like healthy living, knowing when to take a break and how to treat is definitely is.

2. This blogging community is amazing. This is part of the reason I started blogging. Everyone is honest with the obstacles they face and so supportive of everyone else’s. And no one is super human and everyone is susceptible to injury.

3. All hope is not lost. I can nurse this injury for a few days and still have time to train for the 10k in October. I am confident that this is an overuse problem and with a few days off it will be okay.

I am still frustrated, but things could be much worse. I was still able to enjoy Summer Streets on my bike yesterday. And even got a tune up for free! The weather was gorgeous and I also got in a free 20 minute yoga class by Crunch.

And I’ve had some really good food this weekend. You can never complain about that. Friday night Bryan and I had date night at Pies n Thighs – bbq,southern food joint in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There is a southerner living inside me and she wanted some grits!

IMG 0366I was waiting – not so patiently. Cheese grits now please!

I order the Super Bowl – 3 sides + biscuit. They are known for their biscuits and bbq. Spicy Black Eyed Peas, Cheese Grits, and Watermelon, cucumber, lime, and jalapeno salad. The grits had hot sauce too! Everything was spicy – just how I like it!

IMG 0368

IMG 0369

Bryan got the Brisket box – beef brisket sandwich + 1 side( mac n cheese for him) He chose to remove his bread (I shared 1/2 my biscuit).

IMG 0372

I love flakey biscuits! Too bad there was no gravy!

IMG 0373

Don’t judge this place by the plain outside and tiny front area. The food is good and we sat in the garden area outback. The food is really good, but not great. I did like that the grits were more grits than cheese. I hate too much cheese. Definitely hits the spot if you are craving some southern bbq in NYC. Beware it is cash only though. Bryan said he would return.

Finally, I leave you with the snack I have been enjoying all weekend:

“Chili Fries”

IMG 0357

These are not what you think. This is peeled and sliced jicama with lime juice and chili powder. Jicama is an awesome crunchy and refreshing. It is mild enough to be a great vehicle for whatever you want to put on it. This is raw, because I am impatient. But I bet it would be good baked too!

Tell me –

Have you had jicama? What is your favorite way to eat it?

Are you currently dealing with something negative? How can you turn it into a positive?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!