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Yesterday I visited a physical therapist for my knee. It turns out, I have really bad sciatica. Wait…didn’t I already know that?? Well yes, but apparently because of the sciatica my IT Band is so tight that you can and I quote “pluck it like a guitar string.” And my hips are really weak. I knew this too. During strength training, I tend to neglect hip moves because the cracking and discomfort I have there. Bad idea, because as a result of these two things, my knees are being pulled outward. There is actually nothing wrong with my knee, no ligament or tendon problems. My meniscus is fine. It is my hips. I left my hour long work up with 4 follow up appointments and these assignments:

  • Rest (ughhhh)
  • Clam Shell Exercises to strength my hips – specifically my gluteus medius


  • Foam Roll, Foam Roll, Foam Roll

I just started foam rolling my IT band MAYBE once a week or so. But not consistently and apparently not nearly enough considering my problems. Active people should be foam rolling regularly and an active person with sciatica should be foam rolling every. single. day. It hurts really bad, but it is definitely worth it. Here are two links to help you get started.

I could play the pity card and since I can’t work on my running goals for August just give up. This would probably be the easy thing to do, but really it will just make me feel worse. Instead, I am going to “rest” by working on the things I have been neglecting while focusing on running:

Tuesday’s Work Out:


Wednesday’s Work out:

  • 500 m (10 x down and back) Freestyle Lap Swim – 30 minutes

This is a little less complicated, but physically harder. I have never lapped swim in my life, and i’ve never been that great at swimming above water. I knew it would be hard. I knew I would look a fool. But it was 2x harder than I thought, and I looked like 10x the mess I expected to.

At first, I was so embarrassed I just wanted to get out of the pool. But then I remembered, I don’t judge other people struggling with a workout. More power to anyone who is going out of their comfort zones and challenging themselves. So, I stayed in the pool and persevered through. My goal was to do 10 laps, and that is what I was going to do. Even if I had to start doggie paddling (which I did). By the end of it I loved it and I was sick from the hard workout. Practice makes perfect, and I intend to add it to my workouts at least once a week. Although, I wouldn’t mind some instruction. Any takers??

I had a really great breakfast afterwards too.

IMG 0390

How much can you stuff into a chobani yogurt cup. Well, let me tell you – 1/2 a chopped mango and 2 Tbsp of cooked wheatberries + a little sprinkle of unsweetened shredded coconut. Perfect breakfast – good protein, a little sugar, some complex carbs, and a touch of healthy fat. Mix it all together and YUM! This has been the highlight of my eats the past 2 days. Look here for wheatberry instructions.

In honor of my underwater adventures today, we are having fish for dinner. And I have a date with my shiny new foam roller.

I’m really looking forward to yoga in the morning tomorrow and Ali’s (from Ali on the Run) fundraiser event at Jack Rabbit.

What are you looking forward to for the rest of the week??

And do you have any much needed swimming 101 tips for me?

Finally, if you also want to work on strengthening your hips here are some other simple, no equipment needed exercises:

  • Standing Side Leg Raise
  • Hip Raises
  • Leg Raise on all Fours

Hips are important! I have found out the hard way that weak hips can cause bad walking/running form and this leads to many of the problems people have lower down in the knees, ankles, and feet.