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Hey There! I’m still under strict order to rest because of my IT band problem. It makes it really hard to wake up and see that is it sunny and 66 degrees this morning – my perfect running weather. Cooler mornings, shorter days – Fall is a-coming! Although, I’m not sure I am really ready for summer to end yet. It flew by! But am excited for riding boots, hats, and flannel! I am currently trying to figure out pinterest and putting together a board for my Fall wardrobe. The last thing I need is another internet distraction. Ahhh well.

In honor of the cooler weather though I am bringing my scarves back out! I have an obsession with them. There is a giant rubbermaid drawer in my closet just full of scarves. Plus a scarf hanger on the rack with my favorites AND a bunch hanging off our coat rack on the door. I think Bryan has a heart attack everything I bring home a new scarf. Oh well, every girl has her thang. Scarves just happen to be my accessory of choice. Here is what I am rocking today.

IMG 0433

And check out my earrings! First time I’ve worn them. I got this them at this really great little shop in Asheville, NC on our vacation in back in June.

IMG 0426

So last night was the fundraising event for Ali on the Run and the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America at Jack Rabbit Sports. I was kind of nervous to go because I’ve never met her and I was sure other bloggers would be there. Bryan tagged a long for support – and free food. I figured it would be a good precursor to HLS – which is next weekend!!

This is Ali dishing out trivia questions about 90’s television.

IMG 0436

I met Ali briefly – there were a to of people there! She sounds just like she writes. It was kind of crazy. And I actually got to meet Theodora from Losing Weight in the City. The verdict – there is nothing to be nervous/afraid about. They were both so nice. So if you ever see a blogger just say hi! I thought it would be weird introducing myself to someone I already knew so much about, but who did not know me at all. But it was really nice to chat in person. I also made a non-blogging friend. Hi Nicole! She has run half marathons in the past, and actually lives in the same NYC neighborhood as me. New Running Buddy!! Let’s hope so once this injury gets straightened out. Last night’s experience has made me even more excited for next weekend. And less nervous, which is awesome.

While at Jack Rabbit I picked up one of Ali’s shirts. The material is awesome. I am pretty pumped to wear it and support her.

IMG 0440

I think you will be able to order them online. So if you want one too, I would check Ali’s blog for info. 100% of the profits goes to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation.

On the Agenda for Today –

  • On my way to lab now
  • Physical Therapy Appointment # 2
  • Dry Cleaner – my skirt has been there for over a week : /
  • And some how find this week’s episode of Covert Affairs online because I missed it on Tuesday!

But first, my stomach is rumbling and ready for this baby:

IMG 0348

IMG 0349

Photo 4

Isn’t she lovely??

This is just a simple combo: 1/2 c old fashion oats, approx. 1 cup of choc. unsweetened almond milk, 1 tsp of chia seeds, about 1 T. of left over sunflower butter in the jar. Alittle extra milk and strawberries added this morning.

That is an extra long gelato spoon I bought last weekend just for Overnight Oats in a Jar. No more nut butter knuckles for me. Not that I really minded licking my fingers. But the spoon is fun, isn’t it.

What is on your agenda for this Friday?? I also want to go see The Help. The book was awesome. And I really like Emma Stone.

And what is your accessory of choice.  Or do you stock pile an item of clothing like tee shirts?? I am guilty of the tee shirts too. *See new Ali on the Run tee above*

Happy Friday!