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Today is a lazy Saturday morning. I would normally be up running or spinning, but alas I am still nursing my IT band problem. So instead, I took a leisurely walk to get coffee and sat in Madison Square Park for a bit. The weather was perfect this morning at 70 degrees and sunny and the park was so quiet at 8am.


The Empire State Building is there in the background, but you can just barely make it out.

Bryan was still sleeping when I got back. I’m not very good at being lazy and just lying around, but I figure since I have no choice I might as well try to enjoy it. So, I crawled back in bed with him a bit. For those of you who have not been in a very long term relationship – here is what good morning sounds like after almost 7 years. Yes that is right, I said 7 years. Nope, no ring.

Me: Hey.

Bryan: Hey booboo, you smell like coffee.

Me: You smell like death.

Bryan: Come cuddle.

And there you have it folks. Love.

My physical therapist has assured me that depending on the pain, I can probably start back slowly next week. Until then, I will continue my tear inducing foam rolling sessions everyday. The only thing that gets me through them is the fact that it is for the greater good of my legs. Another quick tip I’ve discovered on foam rolling, if you have someone to help you should definitely take it. Another person can apply much more pressure than you can to yourself. It will hurt more, but just breath and know the more it hurts the more it helps.

Now on to the real post. I started this blog back in March and still have not done a post on My Food Philosophy. I do not like to label my diet because that is a lot of pressure to fit a certain mold. If I had to give it a name though, my diet would resemble that of “clean eating.” The main ideas of clean eating and my personal guidelines are very similar.

Freckles and Spice Food Guidelines for a Healthy Life:

  1. Lifestyle Change. The first is the most important. The word diet here is a noun, not a verb, and means the kinds of food that I habitually eat. This is a major point. This is a lifestyle change, not a temporary crash diet or food restriction to lose weight. I have lost 45 pounds since changing my lifestyle, but the overall results are a healthier, stronger, and more satisfied body.
  2. Eat Whole, Natural foods. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. Fresh or frozen produce over canned or fruit juices.The less processed a food is the better. Processing foods takes away from its nutritional value and almost always adds unnecessary ingredients such as sodium, preservatives, and other artificial ingredients. Along those lines I try to buy all natural, grass-fed, and hormone free meats and dairy.
  3. Balance is Key. Your body needs three things to survive metabolically: carbs, protein, and fat. My daily balance tends to look something like this: 60% Complex Carbs, 20% Lean Protein, and 20% Healthy Fats.
  4. Eat ~5 meals a day. I aim to eat about 5 meals a day: 3 medium meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and 2 small meals or snacks that are about 100-250 calories or so. My medium meals are usually 300-500 calories. I find anything larger is hard for me to digest. In addition, eating more frequent smaller meals keeps your blood sugar stable. Low dips and high spikes in blood sugar levels muck with your metabolism. And breakfast is a definite must!
  5. Avoid added, refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup, white flour and rice, saturated and trans fats. These things are all processed and lacking nutritional value.
  6. Limit Alcohol or exclude it complete: Alcohol is basically just fermented sugar and does not provide the body with anything nutritionally.
  7. 80/20 Ratio: No one can be perfect 100% of the time. And you can go crazy trying to analyze absolutely everything. I strive the eat clean 80% of the time. This point goes back to the idea that balance is key. A little give a take. If I want to indulge I “budget” for it. The example you see often is if you want to dessert after dinner, then pass on an app or bread basket.

The main idea is to fuel my body with the best and most nutritional ingredients I can.

The great thing about eating clean is that it very intuitive. When I first started to change the way I viewed food I did not know what clean eating was. I just knew my body was craving real food to power it. It was after I started doing more research that I discovered the world of clean eating, and healthy living blogging.

And cleaning eating is easy! A common CE phrase is “If it is man made, don’t eat it.” I think that is pretty easy to remember and maintain. Also, whole natural foods are everywhere and abundant.  My food philosophy and the ideas of Clean Eating are common and simple. And I think, it is these things that tend to work the best.

“A little simplification would be the first step toward rational living, I think.” Eleanor Roosevelt

What is your food philosophy?

Or what do you think about clean eating?

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