I originally thought I wanted to be an every meal blogger. But with my schedule and the amount of time it takes me to construct a post, it is just not realistic. Plus I’m pretty sure half my daily eats are not that interesting anyway. So, I am joining the What I Ate Wednesday club started by Peas and Crayons. I will definitely post note worthy foods/ recipes other days, but this WIAW post gives a little insight to what a random whole might look like.

Here we go…

Breakfast: Peaches n’ Cream Oat Bran

IMG 0054

1/3 cup creamy oat bran + 1/2 perfectly ripe peach + 1/3 c 1% small curd cottage cheese + cinnamon + sprinkle of wheat germ

Lunch: 1/2 of this panini left over from yesterday’s dinner

IMG 0058

Oven roasted chicken, swiss cheese, pesto, tomato, gluten free bread

also had undocumented carrot sticks and snap peas

Dinner: About 1/3 of this container of Thai Pumpkin & Tofu From Chelsea Market

(sorry for the picture it was really dark outside)

IMG 0070

Sauteed Pumpkin with tofu and egg over purple jasmine rice + hot sauce!

Snack: Straciatella Gelato from L’arte on The Highline

IMG 0076

I actually have not had ice cream in a really long while. About 2 weeks I think and we were walking all over the place tonight. When we came across the gelato – I had to have it. So. Good.

For dinner this evening it was so nice Bryan and I wanted to get out. It has been raining for days. The weather was perfect tonight – 70’s with a nice light breeze. We headed down to Chelsea Market to grab food to take over to The Highline Park. Honestly, I was hungry and in a pretty grumpy mood until we got to the park. It was too perfect to be in a funk.

IMG 0065

IMG 0067

IMG 0068

IMG 0074

IMG 0079

IMG 0077

This was our first time over there this summer. It really is one of the best spots in the city. There are these big wooden lounge chair you can lay in and look up at the sky. This is where we enjoyed our gelato. It was so peaceful and relaxing there. I really recommend visiting it.

And they have a skating rink! Bryan cannot skate to save his life. I told him he is lucky I have a knee injury, otherwise I would be all over that! I would totally rock some shorts and tube socks and go roller skating. Looked like everyone was having a blast.

IMG 0085

I am off to bed now. It almost midnight already! Tomorrow is my last of work for the week. I am off to Philly bright and early Friday morning for Healthy Living Summit!

What is the best thing you ate today?? My Thai pumpkin dish was pretty good (yay for lunch leftovers!), but clearly the gelato was the winner. Ice there is ice cream involved there is no competition. It is my favorite food.

We have been eating out way too much though. Once I get back from Philly this weekend it is back to cooking! I actually have a bunch of recipes up my sleeve that I came up with some part of on my own. I am pretty excited to try them out.