If you would have told me a few months ago that would be in Philadelphia sitting at the same dinner table with some of my blogging idols. I would have died right there. Heck, if you would told me that last week, I probably would have chickened out of coming to Healthy Living Summit all together. Yet, there I was last night drinking margaritas and making new friends with bloggers from all over.

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Some New Friends! Caitlin, Claire, Gretchen, and Katie

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Prior to Dinner on day 2 of the summit, we had a packed schedule from 8am-5pm with speakers. There was so much more useful and inspiring information than I ever thought possible. I learned everything from how to write a better recipe to blogger safety. The monetizing presentation blew my mind. I have honestly never even thought about most it. Katy is like the Yoda of the blogging world. She just knows so much.

The talked I enjoyed the most was, The Numbers Game, with a panel by Tina, Lisa, Janetha, and Beth. They all had very motivational, personal, and truly inspirational stories to share on how numbers play a role, or do not play a role, in their goals for a healthy life.

Some of my favorite statements of the day came out this session:

“Weightloss should be a side effect, not a focus” – Beth of Beth’s Journey

“Focus on things you can control” and “Leave the week you took off in the dust” – Janetha of Meals and Moves

“Just do what works for you and own it” – Lisa of I’m an Okie, In reference to not comparing yourself to others

“Focus on the little things, it is going to take time, and that is okay” – Tina of Fitness, Faith, Fun

We were lucky enough to have meals and snacks all day long sponsored by Attune, Great Harvest, and Quaker. The tomato basil bread from Great Harvest – awesome. If you have one near you definitely try it!

We were up early this morning for the final event a group 5k walk/run.

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And it was back to the hotel for an oatmeal bar breakfast and final {sweaty} pictures with friends.

Photo 2

My toppings this morning: almond butter, a couple Quaker squares, cinnamon, flax, blueberries, and cantaloupe

Photo 3

Blurry NYCers: Me, Caitlin, and Keelie

Photo 4

Jen and Alicia – Upstaters! Where I am from originally.

The weekend flew by so fast. I am so happy I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and attend this conference. The experience was more than I could have hoped for. I definitely am already planning to attend again next year.

I want to give a special shout out to Meghann and her helpers Ben and Kelly, and all the other coordinators for all the work they did to put together a really wonderful weekend. Thank you to Quaker for providing great food and a fun speaker, Dawn Blanter RD, LDN.

I also want to thank Ashley for giving me a lot of helpful advice this weekend.

Tomorrow it is back to work and back to reality. Hopefully more blogger meet ups are in the near future!