Before I started blogging, I kept reading about how difficult it would be. But you cannot truly understand it until you do it. There is really no way to prepare for what it is like to be a blogger. I figured yea, it would be time consuming and challenging. But I really did not realize everything that would be involved. Things like writing recipes, cooking, learning photography, editing photographs, designing workouts, typing up those workouts and making them into jpegs, doing said workouts, thinking of good content besides recipes and workouts, then writing those posts, and finding the time to do all this. People are not kidding when they say it is a like a part time job.

I actually have to admit that many of the components of blogging happen to be major weaknesses for me. The three biggest things I have difficulty with be understand the web/technology, photography, and writing. At HLS last weekend, I learned even more about a lot of opportunities and resources I could be using. Really my head has been spinning with all the things I need to work on. Here are the things I have in mind:

1) Learn how to back up my blog. I would be beyond devastated if I ever lost all the work I have done. 

2) Look into self-hosting. I at least need to start by getting the domain name. Self hosting is something I want to do in order to my design more appealing to readers and add fun plugins and widgets that wordpress does not support. This is going to be the hardest for me. I do not understand technology at all really. And I hate reading directions and instructions. This is going to be the biggest/most time consuming. 

3) Facebook Page – This is something I was advised to start. I never really thought about it, but it is important to networking and getting your name out there. 

4) Utilize Healthy Living Blogs.  This is another valuable networking resource made by bloggers for bloggers. 

5) Make a recipe index – the few recipes I do have a lost within my blog. I need an index so they are easy to find. It will be very beneficial when I start adding more.

6) Practice makes perfect. As far as photography and writing goes. I just have to keep plugging along and trying to get better. I get so embarrassed to see how bad my grammar and typos are when I re-read posts.

7) Get involved with Foodbuzz – Another great resource with another annual blogger conference.

My apologies for the pictureless post, but this is what I have been up. Research, research, research. And I am in no way complaining at all! It is actually exciting. I have decided to do all these things to take my blog to the next level because I love blogging. I have learned and changed so much already, and it has only been a short 5 months ago. I came to the blogging world for a creative outlet and to challenge myself while hopefully inspiring others. All this techy stuff is just another challenge, and another thing I will be able to add to my skill set (hopefully).

Here are some pages I have been finding helpful in my research:

Self-Hosting: Why, How and Resources Galore


Writer’s Digest

Recent changes I have already made. I signed up for Twitter in the beginning of the month. Opened up my blogging world exponentially. I love it. If you are not on twitter, go sign-up – now. It is a lot of fun. And you can participate in things like fitblog chats. I also started using blogging software on my Macbook. I have been trying out Mars Editor. So far I really like it, It is quick and easy to install and use.

What do you think are your biggest weakness blogging or not? Have you challenged yourself to improve on them? I usually avoid things I am not good at or do not want to do. This blog has forced me to take these challenges head on, and I know I will be better for it.