I am sure everyone is sick of hearing about Irene. I know I am. I am glad that it did not end up being as bad as predicted. So, what did I do over the hurricane weekend?

Friday night Bryan and I went out for dinner fearing cabin fever over the weekend. We checked out The Organic Grill in the East Village. I love the decor and the bright green!

IMG 0225

IMG 0217

This place has an extensive menu and they serve breakfast all day. Holla! This makes ordering hard though. We sat there for a good 20 minutes trying to decide.

Bryan got the vegetable pierogi made with spelt flour and stuffed with tofu, potato and onion with sauteed kale and a cashew cream sauce. He is a pierogi connoisseur and he said these were the freshest he has had. He was skeptical of the vegan version and the spelt dough, but was pleasantly surprised how much he liked them.

IMG 0222

I got a daily special, the Millet Veggie Burger with homemade hummus spread, grilled and pickled onions and sprouts. I subbed my home fries for sauteed kale. And I ate the burger off the bun salad style. I loved the burger it was moist on the inside and just crispy enough on the outside. I would love to try their signature burger too with is made with brown rice, sunflower seeds, mushrooms and carrots. I am a big fan of restaurants that make their own veggie burgers from scratch. You can even buy them frozen from the restaurant to take home.

IMG 0220

IMG 0221

Then, we found this crazy used music store. It was literally packed full top to bottom with cd’s. Only in New York. You couldn’t walk through without knocking things down. The store is owned and operated by this adorable little old man. He was planning to work over the weekend still. I have to say I was pretty worried about him. I hope he didn’t end up working.

IMG 0228

IMG 0227

I went spinning yesterday morning (thanks being open and having classes NYSC!) and then I hunkered down with a huge bowl of cherry banana creamy oat bran + egg whites and The Pioneer Woman’s new show on Food Network.

IMG 0251



I love the Pioneer Woman because she is a self taught cook and an amazing food blogger. Her pictures are gorgeous. And watching her show you see why. Did you see the size of her camera lens?!?? I had a moment of tech envy.

Later that evening we had a game night/hurricane party with all our friends in the building. First, I whipped up a tofu scramble for dinner with some left over ingredients in the fridge and a bunch of spices.

IMG 0236

1/5 block of tofu crumbled with salt, pepper, paprika, cumin, and red pepper flakes. It is just like scrambled eggs.

IMG 0237

Served over left over whole wheat couscous with spinach + cherry tomatoes

IMG 0238

Then, it was party time.

IMG 0243

I just downloaded instagram and was having fun with it.

IMG 0244

Playing board games. Check out a clue we actually got.

IMG 0247

IMG 0246

Then, there were card games and mimosas. Weird, I know. We were making do with what we had.

IMG 0248

It was a fun night indoors and catching up with all my medical student friends.

Today, Bryan and I braved the wind to go out and survey the post hurricane damage. There was a huge tree down in Union Square. And besides some small branches and trash on the streets/sidewalks, there was not too much damage in and around the east side of Manhattan.

Photo 1 2

It was really windy!

Photo 2 1

There were actually a number of places open down in the East Village. We ended up heading over to a personal favorite of ours, Mamoun’s Falafel, for a late lunch. I got a lentil soup and Bryan got a falafel platter. This place has really good and pretty authentic middle eastern food. Bonus points – it is super cheap. More bonus points, although it is cheap, everything is made fresh and on site.

There still was not much open since the public transportation system is shut down in NYC, but it was nice to get out and walk around a couple of miles because of all the sitting indoors. With that said, it was also nice to catch up on sleep and relaxing over the weekend. I do not do much sitting still, so at least the storm was good for that.

I also took advantage of the extra time indoors to do some blog work. I got my facebook page up and running! I made a grocery list/meal plan with some new recipes to share, plus a lot of good topics  that I am looking forward to discussing with you this week!

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What was the best part of your weekend? Did you get trapped inside by the hurricane too?