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Good evening! I have a recipe review to share from the Happy Herbivore Cookbook. For dinner, we went with meatless monday, and I made Hawaiian BBQ Teriyaki Chickpeas. There were a few small changes, like I did not add the szechuan sauce or the sugar. I also served it over 7 grain mix that I had on hand, instead of the brown rice. And I just added some jarred tomato salsa and chunks of pineapple and mango, instead of making pineapple salsa.

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This dish was fabulous! And I am just the right amount of full. It is also carnivore approved by Bryan. We both agreed it was really fast and really flavorful.

I have been enjoying the flow yoga classes at Yoga to the People lately.  Before dinner, I attended my third class in the last week. I used to really dislike yoga. I thought I did not have the patience. Now, I go to yoga as part of my workout routine. I want to sweat and get a good strength workout, while still giving my body the deep stretching it needs. Classes with chanting or meditation tend to turn me off. This is why I like these YTTP classes. They really focus on strength during the session and my shoulders have been killing me just from these classes. Although, I am not too big on the spiritual part of yoga, I am finding it relaxing and enjoyable when yoga relates to life.

During one class last week we were working on the tree pose.


All the students were shaking a bit and struggling through the hold. The instructor said:

“Don’t worry if you are swaying, balance is not about staying still.”

I have never thought about it before, but this is so true. In yoga you are never really standing still. To really work and do yoga correctly, you are always actively posing. Pushing up through your hands and down through your feet. I have never been able to just stand still in tree pose. The only way I have ever not fallen over is by pushing my heel against the grounded leg, while pushing that grounded leg back against my heel as well as down into the ground.

I immediately identified with his sentiment and could relate it to many aspects of my life. Living a healthy lifestyle to me means constantly striving to find balance or a happy medium.  Finding balance between fun and working out, finding balance between career and life, finding balance between eating clean and “cheat meals.”

As most people find out when starting a new diet or fitness routine, all or nothing does not work too well. Finding this balance in my life means being flexible, not being too strict or standing still. I found that having flexibility is the only way I can stay on the path towards my goals while still being happy and enjoying my life. I was not happy when I could never meet up with my friends because I had a spin class I had to get to. Sometimes a healthy lifestyle means, going to a movie or happy hour, and changing up your workout routine.

For me the biggest thing was finding balance for a successful diet. My definition of diet is always what I habitually eat. This is not a temporary crash diet. This is important because I believe to maintain health and my weight loss, you have to develop healthy habits in eating. Again, being too strict does not work. At first I always tried completely cut out all treats or comfort foods from my diet, then it will not stick or become habitual. I would give it up and be back at the beginning. Binge eating and not feeling good. Finding a balance and times when it is okay to indulge is the only way to maintain healthy habits, keep your sanity, and be able to enjoy life. My favorite rule is 80/20. Aiming to eating healthy 80% of the time.

The great thing about finding balance is that it is always changing every day and allows you to grow and change with it. As your goals change or your life changes, so does how you find balance. I am going to be going back to school next year, so I am going to balance my daily routine fit that of a full time student as a posed to a full time 9-5ish professional.

So tell me-

How do you find balance in your life? It is mostly trial and error for me.

Is there an area you need to work on? I know I need to work on balancing my finances. This is definitely my weak area right now.