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Happy September first everyone! This is my favorite month. I flew up out of bed this morning and gave Bryan a kiss. Then, I immediately sent my mom text. September makes me miss Upstate NY and my mom. Specifically, her chicken soup and apple pie. However, I share Gretchen’s sentiment that although it is September 1st, it is not yet Fall. September 1st means it is very close! I will sing my praises of Fall when the time is right. When I smell it in the air.

Moving right along –

I was very pleased with myself this morning. I got my run in, and I also did everything I was suppose to keep my injury in check. Since Tuesday was my last (hopefully) PT appointment, my wonderful therapist kept stressing that I CANNOT skip warming up and cooling down. Blaaah, fine.

I started with something I learned from playing rugby for NY: dynamic stretching. This is not the traditional form of stretching where you lengthen a muscle and hold. This type of stretching is for after a run, or whatever workout you are doing. Dynamic stretching involves range of motion movements to loosen up muscles and get the blood flowing so your body is ready for physical performance.

Some typical dynamic stretches are:

  1. Leg Swings – Hold on to a wall, or a buddy, and swing leg out to the side and then back across your body. Do 10-12 on each side.
  2. Walking lunges – No weights. I also like to add a twist to the same side as my raised knee.
  3. Straight Leg March – Walk forward by swinging leg straight out in front of you and trying to touch your opposite hand
  4. Butt Kicks
  5. Fire Hydrant – On all fours lift leg to hip height and back down. Do 10-12 on each side.
  6. Hip Circles
  7. Arm Circles

I power walked a few blocks before picking up into my jogging pace for the run. Warm up complete! Pat on the back.

After my run, it was time to power walk again, do the traditional static stretches focusing on hamstrings, piriformis (butt/hip), and calf stretches. It is important to hold these stretches for at least 20-30 seconds, otherwise it is pointless. And finally, the dreaded foam roller on my IT band.

I have to say this really made a difference. It’s awful how many things I have had to learn the hard way. It takes more time, but I know now it is definitely worth it. A proper warm-up and cool down will no longer be one of those things I will do if I can, which means I will be lazy and skip it. Dynamic stretching prior and static stretching after with foam rolling are going to become permanent fixtures to my exercise routines. It is necessary to prevent injury.

I left you guys hanging last night on What I Ate Wednesday. Oops : / So here is a look at the first half of today.


Creamy oat bran cooked with water and  1/2 banana. Topped with 1/3 cup blueberries, cinnamon, and unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Lunch: I was planning to stop spending money and eat at home, but then my roommate texted. After listening to my praise Just Salad the other day he had to try it. I had to go with him, right? What choice did I have.

These chopped salads are the best! I got a repeat of the same Hudson Valley: Baby Spinach, Butternut Squash, Broccoli, Apples, Goat Cheese, Beets, Pumpkin Seeds, Multigrain Croutons. I nixed the croutons and added egg whites. This time a went with the low fat yogurt cucumber dressing. <3!

What are you enjoying in your salads lately?

Tried any new lunch spots?