Morning readers! I started off TGIF with a little spinning. The ride was all hills this morning. Woof! The Friday morning instructor at nearest NYSC is really good though. Just when I was ready to sneak the resistance down a notch, she reminded us, “This is suppose to be challenging, you don’t get out of bed at 6am to take it easy. Add a touch of resistance!” Touche spin instructor, Well said.

Afterward, I enjoyed a grilled almond butter and banana sandwich with my desperately needed coffee, and went over my goals for September.

A lot of my August goals were a flop. Except the yoga one. I did good with that! I am going to blame the laid back attitude of summer and my knee injury. : ) After some reflection, here is what I came up with for my September Goals:

1. I really enjoyed Project Think Positive this month. So going off of that, I want to start making a note of at least one reason why I am grateful daily, or why I am/should be happy today. I think I might add it in a post each day too. Just something small at the bottom. A reminder for myself that I have a good life and to be happy.

2. On that note, I will be joining another one of The Chic Life’s Challenges. Project Get Organized. This is one of my biggest weaknesses. So this will be probably the most difficult. If you need an example of why I need this, here is the current state of my desk at work:

You can’t even see the pile of papers on the window sill to the left. eeek!

3. Take regularly unplugged walks with bb (Bryan). bb and I did this once last month, and it was very refreshing. We left both our phones at home and just enjoyed each others company. I’ve noticed he actually leaves his phone at home more often now. I think this is going to be really important because he is back on a crazy rotation at the hospital and we have hardly seen each other all week.

4. Challenge Ab Attack – When bb was into lifting during first year he was doing a lot of body building research. They said people who really wanted to get serious about toning should work their core everyday. Done! I am challenging myself and anyone else who wants to join me to doing some type of ab strengthening exercise everyday. You will notice in my weekly workout page, I have already up’d my ab work a lot. So whether it be a 30 min core class or as little as one plank. Let’s get set a small term goal to work towards achieving those six packs or the awesome oblique cuts on the side.

5. Last goal is a repeat from last month, Get back to meal planning/cooking at home. I think the eating out got worse as August progressed. I’m feeling inspired by the coming fall to 1) cook with my favorite fall produce 2) save money for new fall clothes! Hopefully my new found creativity and success for making my own recipes with help with this goal too!

What are your goals for this month?? And what did you achieve last month?

Also, are you down for Challenge Ab Attack?? What is your favorite core exercise?