About Ashley

I am Ashley, your blogger here at Freckles & Spice. This is my little space in the blog world dedicated to living my life with health and happiness in mind. I’m a 24 year old research technician in New York City, and a newcomer to the blogging world. I did not really become a health enthusiast until last spring, but the decision is one that has changed my life.  Here you will find my everyday eats, workouts, and new adventures, as I take a trial and error approach to living a healthy life. Because science is my first love, I want this site to also be a source of information for what is going on inside your body when eat different foods, run that extra mile, or do something new. Behind every healthy decision is a physiological effect somewhere in your body. I want to provide myself, and any readers, with the science behind a healthy lifestyle and why it is good for you.

Ultimately, What I am hoping to get out of this blog is to find the happiest, healthiest version of me. I started this blog because I feel it is a great way to keep me on track with my goals, as well as keep challenging myself to form new goals. I am here to share what I am learning about living the fullest, healthiest life I can. Below is a little background information on me.

I am from central New York State. From a little city called Syracuse, NY. You may have heard of their basketball team. I stayed in town and attended Le Moyne College. In May 2009, I graduated with a BS in Biology and a minor in chemistry. Shortly after graduation, I moved to the fabulous New York City! It was a rough start at first my new job was not exactly what I thought it would be. I had always wanted to live in the city, but it was not panning out exactly as I had hoped it would.

Friends From Back Home:

Last spring/summer I began to drastically change my lifestyle. I knew if I was not proactive about making a change, then I only had myself to blame. I found a new job, as a neuroscience research technician. Thank you Craigslist! I am extremely luckily to have landed this job. Honestly, I thought I was a bit under-qualified. I get the chance to participate in real and exciting scientific research, and hopefully enter into graduate school sometime in the near future. I also started working with a personal trainer (compliments of groupon), and spending my free time researching nutrition. And the final big change, I moved out of Harlem and in with my boyfriend of 6 years. He is a medical student in the city.

Bryan and I:

New Friends in NYC:

So that is me in a nutshell. I am still a work in progress, but that is what this blog is for. Thanks for stopping by!


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