Before & After

My Weight Loss

My story is very similar to that of other bloggers. I gained weight and finally reached a breaking point. My weight loss journey has 2 turning points that have brought me here today – almost 40 lbs lighter and in the best shape I have ever been in. While I am no longer trying to lose weight, I am continuously striving to better my body everyday in other ways. Here is my journey.

Weight Gain

I was never a slim person. Being rather short, at 4’11, I was always thick and stocky. I had a very active childhood though. My dad was in the navy and we moved about every year and I picked a new activity every time we moved; everything from jazz dancing, to horse back riding, to flute lessons. I was always the tomboy out climbing trees and monkey bars. I played tons of sports from softball to football and lacrosse. I ran cross country from grades 7-11. During my junior year, I became diagnosed with sciatica. I was restricted from activity and sent to physical therapy. The physical therapy was unsuccessful. At this point I stopped being active and the weight slowly started to pack on. I was also working at Dunkin’ Donuts and eating out a lot with my friends.

1st Tipping Point

This trend continued in college too, until the summer 2007, between my sophomore and junior years. My weight peaked at about 150 pounds. Part of this was because I lived on campus this year and joined the Rugby team. Along with that came a lot of partying and late night pizza. 150 pounds might not seem too bad, but I am only 4’11. This put my BMI at 29.9 – only .1 away from being obese. Just typing those words makes me cringe.

During this summer I took a trip to Italy with a college class. My friends were buying nice clothes and shoes to bring back, and I couldn’t fit into any of the European things. I hated all the photos. The food was incredible, but as the two weeks in Italy wore on I was having a hard time enjoying it because I was so uncomfortable with myself. I actually cried at several points on the trip.

These pictures may not seem too bad, but these were the best ones I could find of the trip.

We also visited my Dad that summer in San Francisco.
So in August 2007, I made up my mind that things had to change. I got a gym membership and started working out again. I did mostly non impact cardio machines like the elliptical and arc trainers. I also did a lot of weight machines. My diet did not change too much, I just tried to be more conscious of what I was eating.

Spring/Summer 2008

By mid 2008, I was down to about 130. I also got diagnosed with chronic lyme disease during this time. But that is a whole other study for another day. I plateaued here until about Spring 2010.
Spring 2010 – 2nd Tipping Point

I moved to NYC July 2009. During Winter, I started to put on a few pounds again. March 2010, I joined the New York Rugby Club team, they are national champions and all in top shape. I also started working with a trainer at New York Sports Club. Being around sort of professional athletes and a trainer, opened up my world to taking my fitness to the next level and to changing how I view food and what I eat. I started researching clean eating. I was done with snack packs and “diet foods.” I ate whole, real foods. I also credit weight lifting and running again for the change in my body.


So today, in Spring/Summer 2011, I am down to about 105 pounds. My BMI is down to 21, which is right in the middle of normal range. I have lost about 40 pounds. That is 25% of my previous body weight. I have more energy. And being lighter and active has actually eased my sciatica and arthritis pain!

That is a 40lbs plate I am holding, in honor of my 40 lb weight loss. That things was heavy! I cannot believe all that extra weight used to be on my body.  I’m still working everyday to make my body healthy, and I have never felt better.


5 thoughts on “Before & After”

  1. Congratulations! What an amazing accomplishment. I love that you acknowledge that weight is so different for everyone based on height, etc. I am shorter too so even though I am very healthy and active I am still working on losing a few pounds because I am about 5 pounds over my “healthy” weight range for my height. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amazing story! Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. I can completely identify in how the changes to eating “REAL” food not diet food can lead to long term weight loss and most importantly feeling good about myself. I love the role of exercise. Very inspiring!

  3. Wow! What an amazing story. I just started blogging myself and am going through some challenges with my weight and want to eat cleaner and be healthier. I struggle every day with food. I haven’t yet written my weight story out – – I plan to, i am just not completely ready to be that honest yet I guess. But that is definately one of the reasons I started my blog.

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