Nutty with a bit of Spice


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No that title is not describing me, not this time anyway. That friends is the description of a dish I have to share with you. But we will get to that shortly.

First, I’m happy to report today was a pretty good day! It started with a new workout and ended with a really great recipe – how could it not be good?? Here are all the ways today rocked!

Strength Training! Very early this morning, I went to my first group lifting class. I took a total body conditioning class at NYSC. It is a body pump style class, where you do a cardio strength routine set to music. These classes are great because they work all the major muscle groups using squats, lunges, presses, lifts and curls. You go for 50 minutes non-stop so it really gets your heart rate up. I have been really nervous to do a group class besides yoga or spinning, but it turns out I really loved it. I am going to make this class part of my weekly routine. Let’s hope it pulls me out of my weight lifting rut.

I received two emails this morning that I have been waiting for. Both have to do with running! First, was from Girls on the Run Manhattan. I applied to be a coach back in July, and while I don’t know if I got the position yet. They emailed me saying they are wrapping up the decision making and I should know within the week. The second email was from my new running coaches. The girls behind Hot Bird Running have this awesome training package for the Rock n’ Roll 10k in Brooklyn. I was already signed up and still with out a plan, so this was perfect. I am pretty pumped to have the opportunity to work with them. I have been on two group runs that they lead at Lululemon. I really enjoy their fun attitude towards running. I will get my training program soon, and I will definitely keep you updated.

I had The.Best.Salad.Ever for lunch! I took a bit of a long lunch break and walked up to Just Salad. I ordered the HUDSON VALLEY MIX: Baby Spinach, Butternut Squash, Broccoli, Apples, Goat Cheese, Beets, Pumpkin Seeds, Multigrain Croutons Suggested Dressing: Low-Fat Horseradish Chive. I subbed the croutons for egg whites and asked for light on the cheese and dressing.  All my favorite things in one bowl. The whole big salad ended up being about 350 calories. You can calculate it right on their website too.

IMG 0266

This salad tasted like Fall. And I think I have a new obsession with goat cheese. Bonus points – At Just Salad they chop up the salad too! Awesome. I am going to have to refrain from trying to get lunch here everyday. Maybe a once a week treat if I eat at home the rest of the week.

I had my last PT session this afternoon before going and gathering all my ingredients for dinner. Bryan has been dealing with some crazy moods swings from me lately, so I made this recipe for him. I tried to combine some of his favorite foods: pistachios and sushi. He always raves about this almond crusted salmon my mom made once, so I decided to switch out the almond for his favorite, pistachio. And while this isn’t raw sushi, the presence of fish and the spicy wasabi are reminiscent of it. Ever since seeing the wasabi pea powder on ice cream at the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, I have wanted to incorporate it into a recipe. So here we go

IMG 1674

Wasabi Pea and Pistachio Crusted Cod

Inspired by the Wasabi Pea Dusted Ice Cream Cone from Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

Serves 2

Prep time – 10 minutes; Cook time – 12-15 minutes

This fish recipe is nutty, zesty, and subtly spicy. Baking fish is so fast, easy, and healthy. And this recipe is pretty versatile you could sub in other types of fish such as salmon or halibut. I image it would even be good using chicken or tofu. It does have some rare/expensive ingredients. I know that tends to turn people off, but the ease of cooking and end product make it totally worth it. Wasabi pea powder can be found in the asian section of the grocery store and it only cost me $4. Wasabi is a Japanese horseradish. Another great use for it is combining the powder with equal parts water to make a paste and using it as a spicy sandwich spread.


  • 2 – 4oz servings of fish – I used fresh cod
  • 1/4 cup shelled raw, unsalted pistachios; pulsed to a powder in a food processor
  • 1.5 tsp of wasabi pea powder
  • salt and pepper to taste – I like a lot of pepper and just a little salt
  • Juice from 1/2 lemon
  • 2 tablespoons rice vinegar (or any other white vinegar)
  • 1-2 tablespoons any flour or bread crumbs, or I used pan searing flour


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Put foil on a baking sheet and spray with cooking spray
  2. Pulse pistachios in food processor until it is ground
  3. Combine ground nuts with wasabi powder, salt, pepper, and flour/bread crumbs
  4. Soak fish in vinegar and lemon juice
  5. Use a plate or ziploc bag to coat fish in pistachio/wasabi mixture
  6. Bake fish for 12-15 minutes
  7. You can broil it for 30 seconds at the very end to make the fish crispy

IMG 1661

IMG 1662

IMG 1665

IMG 1679

Have you cooked with wasabi before?? Yes or no, what do you think about it? I love anything with a little kick.

What made your day good?


The Key to Balance is Flexibility


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Good evening! I have a recipe review to share from the Happy Herbivore Cookbook. For dinner, we went with meatless monday, and I made Hawaiian BBQ Teriyaki Chickpeas. There were a few small changes, like I did not add the szechuan sauce or the sugar. I also served it over 7 grain mix that I had on hand, instead of the brown rice. And I just added some jarred tomato salsa and chunks of pineapple and mango, instead of making pineapple salsa.

IMG 0259

IMG 0260

This dish was fabulous! And I am just the right amount of full. It is also carnivore approved by Bryan. We both agreed it was really fast and really flavorful.

I have been enjoying the flow yoga classes at Yoga to the People lately.  Before dinner, I attended my third class in the last week. I used to really dislike yoga. I thought I did not have the patience. Now, I go to yoga as part of my workout routine. I want to sweat and get a good strength workout, while still giving my body the deep stretching it needs. Classes with chanting or meditation tend to turn me off. This is why I like these YTTP classes. They really focus on strength during the session and my shoulders have been killing me just from these classes. Although, I am not too big on the spiritual part of yoga, I am finding it relaxing and enjoyable when yoga relates to life.

During one class last week we were working on the tree pose.


All the students were shaking a bit and struggling through the hold. The instructor said:

“Don’t worry if you are swaying, balance is not about staying still.”

I have never thought about it before, but this is so true. In yoga you are never really standing still. To really work and do yoga correctly, you are always actively posing. Pushing up through your hands and down through your feet. I have never been able to just stand still in tree pose. The only way I have ever not fallen over is by pushing my heel against the grounded leg, while pushing that grounded leg back against my heel as well as down into the ground.

I immediately identified with his sentiment and could relate it to many aspects of my life. Living a healthy lifestyle to me means constantly striving to find balance or a happy medium.  Finding balance between fun and working out, finding balance between career and life, finding balance between eating clean and “cheat meals.”

As most people find out when starting a new diet or fitness routine, all or nothing does not work too well. Finding this balance in my life means being flexible, not being too strict or standing still. I found that having flexibility is the only way I can stay on the path towards my goals while still being happy and enjoying my life. I was not happy when I could never meet up with my friends because I had a spin class I had to get to. Sometimes a healthy lifestyle means, going to a movie or happy hour, and changing up your workout routine.

For me the biggest thing was finding balance for a successful diet. My definition of diet is always what I habitually eat. This is not a temporary crash diet. This is important because I believe to maintain health and my weight loss, you have to develop healthy habits in eating. Again, being too strict does not work. At first I always tried completely cut out all treats or comfort foods from my diet, then it will not stick or become habitual. I would give it up and be back at the beginning. Binge eating and not feeling good. Finding a balance and times when it is okay to indulge is the only way to maintain healthy habits, keep your sanity, and be able to enjoy life. My favorite rule is 80/20. Aiming to eating healthy 80% of the time.

The great thing about finding balance is that it is always changing every day and allows you to grow and change with it. As your goals change or your life changes, so does how you find balance. I am going to be going back to school next year, so I am going to balance my daily routine fit that of a full time student as a posed to a full time 9-5ish professional.

So tell me-

How do you find balance in your life? It is mostly trial and error for me.

Is there an area you need to work on? I know I need to work on balancing my finances. This is definitely my weak area right now.

Music Monday + Twitter Motivation



I am so glad I decided to do my sort of motivational posts on Monday morning. It is definitely a time when I need a little kick in the butt or a positive message to get going.

Take this morning. My plans for today were yoga in the morning and easy run in the evening. My knee was acting out again last night. It always feels better after yoga. Unfortunately, I slept through yoga. At this point I thought, I could go run now and do yoga later. Ugh, but I’m tired.

Then motivation hit! I saw someone found my blog by searching “you never regret a workout.” This was all I needed. A reminder to follow my own advice! And the honor of someone finding me through that particular statement. I hope they stuck around for a bit, but if they did not I owe them one for giving me a little encouragement this morning. I threw on my gym clothes and did an easy 2.5 mile / 25 minute run. And I feel good!

Now it is my turn to pay it forward with some inspiration. Today’s song choice for Music Monday is a remix of one of my favorite songs by MGMT.  And it came on Pandora this morning. Enjoy!

And finally, I found these posts on Twitter on Friday. I loved them so much that, I saved them just to share with you today.

The first is a tweet from Ashley over at Homemade Fit.

This image from FitFluential is awesome.

Your turn to share! What is motivating you this morning?

Weekend Wrap Up



I am sure everyone is sick of hearing about Irene. I know I am. I am glad that it did not end up being as bad as predicted. So, what did I do over the hurricane weekend?

Friday night Bryan and I went out for dinner fearing cabin fever over the weekend. We checked out The Organic Grill in the East Village. I love the decor and the bright green!

IMG 0225

IMG 0217

This place has an extensive menu and they serve breakfast all day. Holla! This makes ordering hard though. We sat there for a good 20 minutes trying to decide.

Bryan got the vegetable pierogi made with spelt flour and stuffed with tofu, potato and onion with sauteed kale and a cashew cream sauce. He is a pierogi connoisseur and he said these were the freshest he has had. He was skeptical of the vegan version and the spelt dough, but was pleasantly surprised how much he liked them.

IMG 0222

I got a daily special, the Millet Veggie Burger with homemade hummus spread, grilled and pickled onions and sprouts. I subbed my home fries for sauteed kale. And I ate the burger off the bun salad style. I loved the burger it was moist on the inside and just crispy enough on the outside. I would love to try their signature burger too with is made with brown rice, sunflower seeds, mushrooms and carrots. I am a big fan of restaurants that make their own veggie burgers from scratch. You can even buy them frozen from the restaurant to take home.

IMG 0220

IMG 0221

Then, we found this crazy used music store. It was literally packed full top to bottom with cd’s. Only in New York. You couldn’t walk through without knocking things down. The store is owned and operated by this adorable little old man. He was planning to work over the weekend still. I have to say I was pretty worried about him. I hope he didn’t end up working.

IMG 0228

IMG 0227

I went spinning yesterday morning (thanks being open and having classes NYSC!) and then I hunkered down with a huge bowl of cherry banana creamy oat bran + egg whites and The Pioneer Woman’s new show on Food Network.

IMG 0251



I love the Pioneer Woman because she is a self taught cook and an amazing food blogger. Her pictures are gorgeous. And watching her show you see why. Did you see the size of her camera lens?!?? I had a moment of tech envy.

Later that evening we had a game night/hurricane party with all our friends in the building. First, I whipped up a tofu scramble for dinner with some left over ingredients in the fridge and a bunch of spices.

IMG 0236

1/5 block of tofu crumbled with salt, pepper, paprika, cumin, and red pepper flakes. It is just like scrambled eggs.

IMG 0237

Served over left over whole wheat couscous with spinach + cherry tomatoes

IMG 0238

Then, it was party time.

IMG 0243

I just downloaded instagram and was having fun with it.

IMG 0244

Playing board games. Check out a clue we actually got.

IMG 0247

IMG 0246

Then, there were card games and mimosas. Weird, I know. We were making do with what we had.

IMG 0248

It was a fun night indoors and catching up with all my medical student friends.

Today, Bryan and I braved the wind to go out and survey the post hurricane damage. There was a huge tree down in Union Square. And besides some small branches and trash on the streets/sidewalks, there was not too much damage in and around the east side of Manhattan.

Photo 1 2

It was really windy!

Photo 2 1

There were actually a number of places open down in the East Village. We ended up heading over to a personal favorite of ours, Mamoun’s Falafel, for a late lunch. I got a lentil soup and Bryan got a falafel platter. This place has really good and pretty authentic middle eastern food. Bonus points – it is super cheap. More bonus points, although it is cheap, everything is made fresh and on site.

There still was not much open since the public transportation system is shut down in NYC, but it was nice to get out and walk around a couple of miles because of all the sitting indoors. With that said, it was also nice to catch up on sleep and relaxing over the weekend. I do not do much sitting still, so at least the storm was good for that.

I also took advantage of the extra time indoors to do some blog work. I got my facebook page up and running! I made a grocery list/meal plan with some new recipes to share, plus a lot of good topics  that I am looking forward to discussing with you this week!

Catching up Weekend Reading – Here are some posts I recommend:

Eating Wholesomely on a Budget – Clean Eating Chelsey

Hurricane (Irene) Smoothie – Little Bitty Bakes

Sunday Inspiration – Caitlin Lives Well

Weekend Feature: Spoonful of Sass – Me! If you haven’t checked out Kim’s blog yet – do it!

What was the best part of your weekend? Did you get trapped inside by the hurricane too?


Weekend Feature: Spoonful of Sass


Happy weekend all! Hope everyone is staying safe from Hurricane Irene. I am spending the weekend catching up on blog reading! Which brings me to excited news!

I am starting a new series today called the Weekend Feature. Every Saturday, I will post about a blog that has inspired me. This is my way of spreading blog. In addition to sharing with you what I admire about each featured blog, I will share their response to why they enjoy blogging.

Without further ado, I give you the first Weekend Feature!

Spoonful of Sass

“Bringing Wholesome Foods to the Table”


This is Kim from a Spoonful of Sass. Kim was my first blog friend (yay for blends) and my first ever commenter. Since “meeting” her back in April, I have bugged her with a number of emails looking for blog advice and she has always been happy to help.

Kim is a Registered Dietician, and blogs about her love for whole, natural foods and living local. Her passion for food really shows through in her writing. She has a fun feature called Food of the Month. This month is chard month! Here she dives into a certain food and shares nutrition, recipes, and unique uses. Besides cooking, Kim loves traveling, kayaking, her kitties Mia and Lulu, and gardening.




The gardening aspect of Spoonful of Sass is what I enjoy most. I love that she has her own garden, from which she gives readers amazing recipes. It kind of makes me want to move from the city so I can grow my own food too! Check out her Fresh Herb Butters and Apple Walnut Chard.

“When I started blogging I would have told you I wanted to blog to be part of a community of like-minded individuals.   I had heard so much about the healthy living blog community and the connection to others.  This is true.

However, what I have come to love most about blogging is self discovery.

Each time I sit down to create a post I have to think about what I want the world to hear from me.  I don’t want to throw just anything out there.  I have been forced to articulate my goals, opinions, and feelings.  It may seem obvious that I know my own goals, opinions, and feelings, but how often do you stop and think about them, type them, or throw them out to people you don’t even know.

So now I know a little bit more about myself.  And you do too!  I sincerely hope you enjoy.”

Kim gives me inspiration to do something new with fresh foods. It is great to her that blogging has allowed her to find out new things about herself, while sharing what she loves with the world. So, if you haven’t already head on over to Spoonful of Sass.


Continue reading

Technologically Challenged


Before I started blogging, I kept reading about how difficult it would be. But you cannot truly understand it until you do it. There is really no way to prepare for what it is like to be a blogger. I figured yea, it would be time consuming and challenging. But I really did not realize everything that would be involved. Things like writing recipes, cooking, learning photography, editing photographs, designing workouts, typing up those workouts and making them into jpegs, doing said workouts, thinking of good content besides recipes and workouts, then writing those posts, and finding the time to do all this. People are not kidding when they say it is a like a part time job.

I actually have to admit that many of the components of blogging happen to be major weaknesses for me. The three biggest things I have difficulty with be understand the web/technology, photography, and writing. At HLS last weekend, I learned even more about a lot of opportunities and resources I could be using. Really my head has been spinning with all the things I need to work on. Here are the things I have in mind:

1) Learn how to back up my blog. I would be beyond devastated if I ever lost all the work I have done. 

2) Look into self-hosting. I at least need to start by getting the domain name. Self hosting is something I want to do in order to my design more appealing to readers and add fun plugins and widgets that wordpress does not support. This is going to be the hardest for me. I do not understand technology at all really. And I hate reading directions and instructions. This is going to be the biggest/most time consuming. 

3) Facebook Page – This is something I was advised to start. I never really thought about it, but it is important to networking and getting your name out there. 

4) Utilize Healthy Living Blogs.  This is another valuable networking resource made by bloggers for bloggers. 

5) Make a recipe index – the few recipes I do have a lost within my blog. I need an index so they are easy to find. It will be very beneficial when I start adding more.

6) Practice makes perfect. As far as photography and writing goes. I just have to keep plugging along and trying to get better. I get so embarrassed to see how bad my grammar and typos are when I re-read posts.

7) Get involved with Foodbuzz – Another great resource with another annual blogger conference.

My apologies for the pictureless post, but this is what I have been up. Research, research, research. And I am in no way complaining at all! It is actually exciting. I have decided to do all these things to take my blog to the next level because I love blogging. I have learned and changed so much already, and it has only been a short 5 months ago. I came to the blogging world for a creative outlet and to challenge myself while hopefully inspiring others. All this techy stuff is just another challenge, and another thing I will be able to add to my skill set (hopefully).

Here are some pages I have been finding helpful in my research:

Self-Hosting: Why, How and Resources Galore


Writer’s Digest

Recent changes I have already made. I signed up for Twitter in the beginning of the month. Opened up my blogging world exponentially. I love it. If you are not on twitter, go sign-up – now. It is a lot of fun. And you can participate in things like fitblog chats. I also started using blogging software on my Macbook. I have been trying out Mars Editor. So far I really like it, It is quick and easy to install and use.

What do you think are your biggest weakness blogging or not? Have you challenged yourself to improve on them? I usually avoid things I am not good at or do not want to do. This blog has forced me to take these challenges head on, and I know I will be better for it.


Yoga to the People + WIAW


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Evening all! Today was a pretty solid day. It started out with yoga and ended with a group run. And I was pretty productive at work. My western blot (protein analysis) can out with a pretty good result. Yay! Can’t ask for better.

I always feel good when I start a day off with yoga. I woke up pretty early to make the first class at Yoga to the People East Village. Yoga to the People is a chain of donation based studios located in New York, Seattle, San Fran, and Berkley. This studio has 60 minute vinyasa classes. I have read both really positive and negative reviews. My opinion – I love it. I have only been to the East Village location for 3 morning classes. They have been some of best yoga work outs I have had. They do a really good job with the sequence and the pace of the class.This morning the instructor did a number of long chair poses and included some tough ab work in boat pose. I like when classes really focus on strength training. It takes the practice to the next level for me, and I get a good sweat out of it. I love the deep stretching I get with yoga, but I also like to feel a burn. I have gotten that out of all 3 classes at YTTP. I may even go tomorrow. My knee actually felt great when I left there this morning. The mile walk down it was acting up, but the way back it was great.

The only negative is that the class is pretty packed. I thought that might bother me, but it doesn’t. It is such a good workout and a great price (pay what you can/want) that I really don’t even mind all the people. I usually pick a spot near the front corner. I really recommend trying YTTP if you have one near you.

Next month, I will be trying out their hot yoga studio on 27th St. Keelie from Sweat = Success is awesome and is planning an NYC Blogger meet-up. It is going to be on September 25th and after class we are doing brunch (my favorite meal!) If you are interested in going head over to her blog for more info!

Now it is time for What I Ate Wednesday!


This is a weekly party started by Peas and Crayons. This is the one day a week where you get a full look into an entire day of eats for me.

Breakfast: 1 egg white (3 T of liquid egg whites) + 1/3 c old fashion oats cooked with 1/2 water 1/2 unsweetened vanilla almond milk + 1/2 medium banana + 2 fresh figs! And a coffee with skim milk

IMG 0188

Lunch: Salad Beast – spinach, baby beets, wheatberries, cucumber, ff feta, TJ’s Flower Pepper, and balsamic + an unplanned addition of roasted garlic hummus at the end and an undocumented granny smith apple.

IMG 0008

Pre-Run snack: Mini Lemon Zest Luna + small iced coffee w. skim

IMG 0202

Dinner: Balsamic marinated pan-seared tofu + stuffed fairytale eggplants (recipe below)

IMG 0193 IMG 0194

Late night snack: Attune dark chocolate probiotic bar from HLS swag bag and warm sunflower milk with cinnamon

IMG 0195 IMG 0196

Love that have been getting to enjoy a little chocolate with some healthy benefits. Besides this probiotic chocolate bar, which was really good and only 80 calories, I have also been getting my calcium through Adora Discs. Yum!

Here is the eggplant recipe:

Cous Cous and White Bean Stuffed Eggplants

This was a recipe I came up with quick using ingredients I had to use up in the fridge. I picked up these fairytale eggplants last week at the market. They were the cutest damn things ever! They are mini eggplants, and would you expect anything else but adorable from something with fairytale in the name? Bryan started steaming them before I got home, so I never got a picture. I steamed the eggplants but you could also bake them if you do not have a steamer. This recipe (if you can even call it that) is great because it is easy and delicious. I just used things I had on hand. You can use any whole grain, bean, and herbs you have, not necessary what I used here.

Ingredients (Serves 2):

  • 2 fairytale or baby eggplants
  • 1/3 cup dry whole wheat couscous (cooked according to package)
  • 1/3 cup cannellini beans (drained and rinsed)
  • 1 cube of TJ’s frozen basil
  • salt, pepper, dry thyme
  • fat free feta crumbles and walnuts for garnish (optional but tasty!)


  1. Wash and cut eggplant in half lengthwise
  2. Steam for 10 minutes or until tender and skin darkens to brown
  3. While eggplant is steaming cook couscous
  4. Scoop out the meat in the eggplant, leaving just enough to keep shape.
  5. Combine eggplant meat, couscous, beans, spices, and herbs in a bowl
  6. Spoon mixture back into eggplant
  7. Sprinkle with feta and walnut pieces and serve!

How was your day? What was the best part about it? I can’t even pick yoga, running, a new recipe. It was all good.

Popliteus and Injury Prevention


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Hello, hello! Today I had my 4th physical therapy visit. My knee pain has been better, but not healed. My pain level has gone from roughly 6 to like 3.5. The frequency of the sharp pains has also decreased. As a result, I have gotten back into the fitness routine the past couple days. Check it out here!

On my third visit last Wednesday, we finally pinpointed the problem. After my first appointment, I discussed with you the really tight IT bands (group of fibers that run down outside of thigh) and weak hip muscles. But there was something even more going on. That something is called popliteus. Pop- what?? I took anatomy and physiology in college, but I did not know this muscle.



What is the popliteus muscle?

  • It is a small muscle located at the back of the knee.
  • It is a deep muscle, so it is more rarely injured
  • Function: internal rotation of your shin as well as for initiating knee flexing when you move from straight leg to bend leg.

How do you injure the popliteus muscle?

  • Overuse and bad form
  • Weak hamstrings and quads
  • hyperextension of the knee

Chances are that is is a combination of causes 1 and 2 in my case.


  • Pain in back of knee and outside of knee

Treatment Options

  • Rest, Ice, Elevation
  • Ultrasound – heat therapy
  • Transverse massage – rubbing the aggravated area perpendicular to the muscle
  • Lots of hamstring stretching


  • Focus on proper running form
  • Regularly perform lower body strength training exercises
  • Wrap knee when running of re-occuring injury
  • Shoes with good stability to keep ankles in line

Prior to this injury, I have not had successful experiences with physical therapy. I think I never gave it a chance in the past. I can be quite stubborn, which tends to make for a bad patient. Now, I would recommend PT to anyone experiencing problems. I have learned quite a bit the last couple weeks. As usual, the things I’ve learned are things I knew I should be doing. I learned the hard way that proper training includes more than just your running plan. Successful training also includes:

  • Rest days – to avoid burn out
  • Lower body strength training – running alone is not enough
  • Long stretching sessions and foam rolling DAILY


I definitely felt Fall in the air today. Who else is excited? I’m ready for boots, and layers, and flannel. Not to mention apple cider, concord grapes, and PUMPKIN! Although I am a bit sad to see that summer is leaving. I never made it to the beach! There still might be time.

Are there any summer activities you still want to squeeze in?

Finally, a big Happy Birthday shout out to Tina from Fitness, Faith and Fun! I had the pleasure of meeting her this weekend. I cannot say enough great things about her. She is one of the friendliest and most sincere people I have met. And she has an awesome giveaway from Love Grown Granola in honor of her special day.


Breakfast Brought To You By Quaker/HLS


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Good Morning! It is Music Monday. Today’s feature is “Feel Good” by the Gorillaz. Rock out to this during your workout today or while checking out mine below.

I am still on a high from the weekend at Healthy Living Summit. As a result, it was not hard to get up and moving down to the gym this morning. That is something key for keeping motivation up: Find something that excites you!

I did an upper body strength training session in the downstairs gym this morning. It was a routine from an older issue of Muscle & Fitness Hers. I love that magazine for new strength training moves. I also added some abs and 20 elliptical HIIT.

Putnam Upper Body Workout – repeat circuit 2-3 times

Muscle and Fitness Hers Jan/Feb 2011

  1. Push up 10
  2. One arm dumbbell overhead 10-15 per side
  3. Bench dip 10-15
  4. Lat pulldown 10-15
  5. Cable pull through 10-15
  6. One arm cable curl 10-15 only 2 sets
  7. Bench push up 10-15
  8. Reverse grip lat raise 10-15
Ab Routine – repeat circuit 1 -2 times

  1. Pilates 100
  2. Russian Twist – 25 reps
  3. Scissors – 25 reps
  4. Weighted double crunch – 25 reps
  5. Crunches – 25
Elliptical Speed HIIT:
20 minutes total
5 minute warm up
15 minutes of 45 seconds fast; 75 seconds moderate
Breakfast this morning was from my HLS Swag Bag.
IMG 0182

IMG 0184

1/2 cup of Quaker Squares, 1/2 cup millet puffs, 1/2 scoop brown rice vanilla protein poweder, 1 tsp of chia seeds, 1/2 banana, and 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk

Happy Monday!

How did you start off your work week this morning?

Healthy Living Summit Day 2 +3: The City of Bloggerly Love


If you would have told me a few months ago that would be in Philadelphia sitting at the same dinner table with some of my blogging idols. I would have died right there. Heck, if you would told me that last week, I probably would have chickened out of coming to Healthy Living Summit all together. Yet, there I was last night drinking margaritas and making new friends with bloggers from all over.

IMG 0159

Some New Friends! Caitlin, Claire, Gretchen, and Katie

IMG 0161

IMG 0167



Prior to Dinner on day 2 of the summit, we had a packed schedule from 8am-5pm with speakers. There was so much more useful and inspiring information than I ever thought possible. I learned everything from how to write a better recipe to blogger safety. The monetizing presentation blew my mind. I have honestly never even thought about most it. Katy is like the Yoda of the blogging world. She just knows so much.

The talked I enjoyed the most was, The Numbers Game, with a panel by Tina, Lisa, Janetha, and Beth. They all had very motivational, personal, and truly inspirational stories to share on how numbers play a role, or do not play a role, in their goals for a healthy life.

Some of my favorite statements of the day came out this session:

“Weightloss should be a side effect, not a focus” – Beth of Beth’s Journey

“Focus on things you can control” and “Leave the week you took off in the dust” – Janetha of Meals and Moves

“Just do what works for you and own it” – Lisa of I’m an Okie, In reference to not comparing yourself to others

“Focus on the little things, it is going to take time, and that is okay” – Tina of Fitness, Faith, Fun

We were lucky enough to have meals and snacks all day long sponsored by Attune, Great Harvest, and Quaker. The tomato basil bread from Great Harvest – awesome. If you have one near you definitely try it!

We were up early this morning for the final event a group 5k walk/run.

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And it was back to the hotel for an oatmeal bar breakfast and final {sweaty} pictures with friends.

Photo 2

My toppings this morning: almond butter, a couple Quaker squares, cinnamon, flax, blueberries, and cantaloupe

Photo 3

Blurry NYCers: Me, Caitlin, and Keelie

Photo 4

Jen and Alicia – Upstaters! Where I am from originally.

The weekend flew by so fast. I am so happy I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and attend this conference. The experience was more than I could have hoped for. I definitely am already planning to attend again next year.

I want to give a special shout out to Meghann and her helpers Ben and Kelly, and all the other coordinators for all the work they did to put together a really wonderful weekend. Thank you to Quaker for providing great food and a fun speaker, Dawn Blanter RD, LDN.

I also want to thank Ashley for giving me a lot of helpful advice this weekend.

Tomorrow it is back to work and back to reality. Hopefully more blogger meet ups are in the near future!