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Happy August! This year is flying by. I love that Fall is coming, but that means winter is shortly behind *shudder*

July was a decent month. Here is what I learned/discovered in July:

1)   Blogging makes me happy. I came back after a month hiatus. I found that blogging takes up a lot of time, but I was happier doing it than not. Blogging is beneficial to me, because writing helps me find myself, and it makes me reflect on my life and if I am living each day the way I want to.

2)   Facing Fears is Good! – I joined a run club after debating about it since March. I bought a ticket to the Healthy Living summit. It is not for another 3 weeks, but I have already made connections with other bloggers and found so many great new ones. I rode my bike cross-town and can’t wait to make it regular part of my commuting around the city.

3)   Twitter is awesome! – I am slightly obsessed actually.

4)   Americano coffee – This is espresso diluted with equal parts water. Sounds gross, but it is great. The espresso has a bolder, richer flavor that drip coffee and has less caffeine. 75 mg per shot, compared with about 150 mg in a Starbucks tall.

Now, I have to keep the momentum going for August. My August goals:

1)   Half Marathon training – I think I’m going to do it. Registration opened today and I think I’m going to bite the bullet and take on the Staten Island Half. That gives me 10 weeks….ekkk!

2)   Yoga 1-2 a week. If my joints are going to hold up for the race. I am going to need this. I did good during June then not so much

3)   Get back to strength training 2-3 times per week. Summer fun has taken a toll on my routine.

4)   Get back to meal planning/cooking at home. With the heat, Bryan and I started eating out wayyy too much again. And I have some great new recipes up my sleeve I want to try.

5) Work on photography –  My blog pictures are either eh or non-existent.

August 1st, so far so good! I woke up this morning and went for a 2.25 mile run. Honestly, my legs were so stiff I’m surprised I made it anywhere. But I have a goal and I’m going to stick to it! And I ate every meal at home!

Breakfast Yogurt Bowl: 0% plain chobani, ¼ wegman’s high fiber cereal, 1/3 c NP Mesa Sunrise Flakes, 6 raspberries.

Lunch: Tempeh Sandwich – 2 thin slices green market sunflower millet bread, 2 left over slices of tempeh, kalamata olive hummus, spinach, broccoli slaw, and the piece de resistance a sriracha half sour pickle from Pickle Guys in the LES.

Dinner: from my Chinatown score! Steamed bok choy and snap peas, with soba noodles, edamame, and shrimp. Topped with a little low sodium soy sauce and red chili paste. We like spice here!

Bryan’s dish – My bowl o’ noodles (but mostly bok choy/peas in the bottom)

Soba noodles are good carbs!

o   They are made with buckwheat, which a complex (slow digested) carb.

o   They have 200 calories per serving.

o   1.5 grams of fat

o   38 grams of those good carbs

o   0 grams of sugar

o   8g of protein

Love it!

What are something you learned in July? Do you have any goals for August?