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This week for the challenge is to think about positive affirmations or mantras. The purpose of a mantra is something to repeat to yourself in order change the way you feel or view something. I swear project think positive could not have come at a better time. This injury is getting to me, and I did exactly what I said I was not going to do – let it bring me down and just not do anything active. I have not worked out in almost a week. In all honesty, I really did not think my knee injury would last longer than a couple of days. I thought a few days will be okay and easy. I was not mentally prepared for weeks and missing races, my new running group, and not training for my 10k’s. The above picture was from my tea yesterday.

“It is the mind that makes the body.”

Perfect, right? Sometimes, most of the time probably, motivation and positive thinking truly is mind over matter. Sometimes it is hard for force your mind to come out on top. This is where a positive affirmation comes in handy. You just keep saying it until you believe it. My affirmation is going to be I am strong and healthy. I will get passed this.

My goal with this is to focus not on what I cannot do, but on what I can do. I can’t run but I can do the elliptical. I cannot do lower body strength training, but I can get back to doing my favorite upper body routines and abs. My abs are actually starting to get some definition. I would be so bummed if I let that progress go. So I can build the new ab plan I have been researching. I need to focus on the good, not the bad! While I really can’t will my injury to heal having a positive, healthy attitude about it can only help my recovery. Dwelling on it will only make things worse. And if I stay inactive, even more of the fitness that I worked so hard on will suffer. I definitely learned this the hard way suffering from arthritis for years.


Positive thinking and affirmations can be used in any situation in life. I know when I have a lot going on or things I do not want to deal with, it is easier to be negative and gloomy. But the easy thing is usually not the best option. A more positive outlook will enable you to be less stressed, stay on track with your goals, and not let your relationships suffer with the people around you. The last one is big, not only do you suffer when you when you have a negative outlook, but you bring the people around you down as well.

What is going to be your mantra?

Good news – In 24 hours I will arriving in Philly with Caitlin for the Healthy Living Summit. Ahhh! I have so much to do tonight to get ready!

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